Monthly Musings February 2021 Spring Fashion Essentials


Welcome to the February edition of Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty.  This month we are talking spring fashion. We had a hint of spring in the air this week and I am so here for it. Let's talk a little spring fashion. 

1. What are your spring must have pieces?

As we head into spring, I start looking at my tees, both long and short sleeve, and see what needs to be replaced. I add in some tanks as well as tees and tanks are Good layering pieces especially with an open cardigan.

Typically if I were going to my office I am all about jackets for spring. Thinking they will need to stay in the closet for a bit this year.

If I am going to be home, I am all about the cargo pants.

2. What are your spring must have accessories?

I am all about my Rothy's. I have flats, sneakers and Running Daddy bought me some camo loafers for Christmas this year. 

They are perfect for any time of the year and yes, you can put them in the washing machine. You can save $20 off your first pair with this link if you want to try them. 

I also need a Good bag. I think I am going to keep using the Baby Boss bag from Stella & Dot. I will probably update the strap into a spring color. 

3. How do you transition your wardrobe for spring?

I transition my wardrobe slowly. Probably over the next few weeks I will start putting my cords and velvet jeans away along with the heavier sweaters. I will start pulling out some of my Lilly pants with cotton sweaters and cardigans to go with them. I would typically start pulling out jackets too but probably won't do that unless we have a return to work date.

4. What are your favorite colors to wear for spring?

I love any shade of pink and turquoise and I love to pair these colors with navy. I sometimes think you need to be a little careful with navy because it can be a little dowdy, but paired with a fun color really helps make things pop. 

5. Any spring fashion advice?

Go through all of your clothes and see what needs to be donated, replaced or kept before you start buying new things. I really need to go through my clothes and weed some things out. I just ordered a Thred Up bag tonight! 

6. Do you change up your make up in spring?

Yes, I definitely move to lighter tone lipsticks in the spring. Will we be wearing lipstick this spring? I hope so!

I will be moving from the Twilight Glow palette that I have been using since the fall back to the lighter palette.

I will be heading back to the Elegant and Empowered compact in a few weeks. 

Both of these options are goof proof and guess proof and I think you can use both all year.

7. Do you change up your skin care in the spring?

The only thing I do is switch cleansers and I will move back to Ever Rebalance after using Ever Refresh during the winter.

I am also going to experiment with some new self tanning drops and I will get back to you on those! I like a little self tanner in spring but try not to over do it.

8. Do you have a favorite spring scent?

I love Chanel Chance anytime of the year but it is perfect if you want to switch something up for spring.

9. Best budget tips for updating your wardrobe?

Don't buy anything until you go through all of current items. I have been guilty in the past of buying similar items to something I already have. 

High end consignment site and shops are a great way to add in a fun piece. There are several in our area I love. 

10. Do you think you will be wearing dresses this spring?

I will probably not be wearing dresses this spring unless we go back to work in our office. 

Can't wait to read everyone's spring fashion tips in the link ups below.

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  1. Yes...we transition slowly here too because it takes FOREVER to get warm- sigh...anyway...I need to try that Chanel perfume, sounds pretty! Thanks for being the best blogging partner XO

  2. It's so funny because my spring fashion right now is all about working in the schools. Everyone else has to stay home right now (which is also affecting what they wear) and I'm the complete opposite.

  3. Such a good budget tip, because I do often forget what I have for spring/summer at this time of the year. Thanks for the link-up!

  4. The transition here is slow too. Layering is key, since mornings start out brisk, then can warm up. I love the idea of going through your closet... I need to do that to see what I have.

  5. I so want a pair of Rothy's...They look so practical, comfy, and cute!! Thank you for hosting!!

  6. I have a bad habit of buying items not remembering I have something very similar at home.


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