What's Up Wednesday--January 2021


January was ahem...interesting. The first few weeks of the month were unsettling especially if you live outside of the Nation's Capital. Hopefully things have calmed down and will stay that way. On this last Wednesday of the month I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday to talk what's been happening here in January.

What We're Eating This Week

This week is going to be a little touch and go dinner wise due to the fact that we are deep into the hockey season, even though our hockey season looks pretty different this year. If you are looking for meal ideas this week, with the exception of the taco meatballs, I may not be your gal this week. 

Monday-Sheet pan sausage, potatoes and veggies

Tuesday-This will be a long night of hockey with a game, strength conditioning, and then another practice. The boys will eat at the rink, they actually have a really Good restaurant, and I will just figure something out at home.

Wednesday-Taco meatballs, black beans and salad

Thursday- Another night this week where we have a late afternoon hockey game followed by a late hockey practice. Not sure what dinner is going to look like this night. 

Friday-We will do early take out because Hockey Guy has a late hockey game.

What I am Reminiscing About

With the Inauguration this month I am reminiscing about all of the Inaugurations past. With my job and living outside Washington, DC I have been able to attend or be part of the Inauguration in 1989, 2001, 2008, 2009 and 2013. 

I love this part of our history and our democracy and despite what happened earlier this month, I loved watching our country move forward and I had all of the feels watching this ceremony which was totally different this year. Last Friday's Friday Favorites was completely dedicated to the Best in Inauguration fashion. 

What I'm Loving

I heard a few months ago that they were working on a gluten free Oreo. For the record, I have not had an Oreo in over 11 years as I have been gluten free due to my health challenges. On Sunday night my sweet friend Meghan sent me a text and said she was stopping by my house and dropping something off on my doorstep. She brought me these.

It was just the sweetest thing. They just launched late last week and she picked some up and brought me both the regular and the double stuff. Running Daddy and Hockey Guy eat an embarrassingly amount of Oreos. They ate a regular Oreo and then taste tested me and the review we have is that they are so Good. It's just like a regular Oreo, the only thing is that is slightly lighter in color. I am officially obsessed. 

What We've Been Up To

Running Daddy and I have been really focused on work with the beginning of a new year and a new election cycle for me. Hockey Guy is still in a hybrid format for school and that seems to be working well and everyone is staying safe.

Hockey Guy is playing hockey for both his travel team and his high school teams. He is playing both JV and Varsity and we are all really excited about it. I have not been able to go to the games because the attendance is very limited due to the pandemic and I am really trying to avoid groups until I can get a vaccine. I feel like I am close to getting an appointment so I am playing it safe. Our high school team broadcasts it on Facebook live with commentary so that is really helpful.

What I am Dreading

The only thing I am dreading is the potential emails about a COVID exposure at school. So far so Good!

What I'm Working On

I am working on a lot of work work. This time of year is usually really busy at work. Running Daddy set up my new office downstairs and it is a really Good space for me. 

I also just completed a 100 mile challenge. You were to walk, run, whatever 100 miles between December 1 and January 31. I finished a week early. I ended up just walking them, but it was one of the Best things I have ever done for myself. It helped my stress level, it helped balance out what I was eating over the holidays and toned me up. I also learned that if I want to be able to eat and drink what I enjoy, then I should be walking 12-15 miles per week. The Best thing is that I cannot believe I did this. Ten years ago I was so sick that I couldn't really go out and take a walk in my neighborhood for fear of my legs giving out and then I would not be able to get back. I am super proud of what I accomplished.

What I am Excited About

A Good friend of ours has been battling cancer this fall and this week we got to welcome him home from his last chemo treatment. It was a socially distant car parade and we are just so happy for him and his family. He is the Best person and this world needs him in it. Smart as a whip, kind, funny, a truly faithful man of God, a Good coach, the Best friend, and an amazing dad, we are so grateful that he was able to push through this. God is so very Good

I am also excited about tomorrow's Monthly Musings link up with Holly. We are so happy to be hosting this fun themed link up again in 2021. We would love to have you join us tomorrow as a blogger, a reader or both. Below are the January topics. Since we are heading into February we are talking all things love!

What I'm Watching/Reading

The only thing I am really reading these days is my devotional in the morning. I started a new devotional in the morning called 100 Days of Bible Promises and it is so Good. I think I am on day four and it is really speaking to me.

With all that is going on, I am not watching much of substance these days and that is ok. I am pretty much still all Housewives and Hallmark.

For Hallmark I am loving the new winter movies with Taking a Shot at Love being my favorite so far.  Hockey and Luke MacFarlane...yes please.

As for Housewives, we are all about Salt Lake and Dallas. Why am I liking Cameron this season???

What I am Listening to

While I work I am listening to the French Cooking music station on Pandora. It is a really nice mix that helps me focus.

For podcasts I am always listening to Bitch Sesh, the Bubbly Sesh, Watch What Crappens and just binged Death of a Starlet about Dorothy Stratten.

What I am Wearing

I am still getting dressed every day even though I am working at home, but my staples are nice jeans, velvet jeans or cords and then a great cardigan or pullover. I am trying to not really buy anything new because...pandemic. 

The only things I have really been adding to my wardrobe are really Good joggers for the weekend and after hours. I am slightly obsessed with the Old Navy joggers. I have them in green camo, I have them in a pinkish camo, I have them in a black knit and just ordered in a solid black. 

Since it is so chilly lately, after hours I have been pairing the joggers with the Kylie pullover from Top It Off. It is currently on sale for only $30 and is so warm and snuggly. I have it in black and grey. You can also save 10% by using my code GBB10.

I sized up to a medium
***contains affiliate links

What I am Doing This Weekend

This weekend I am watching a whole lot of hockey on Facebook live. I am also probably putting in an online grocery order and watching Hallmark. My weekend is basically pandemic mom life month 10.

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

Crossing my fingers that next month I will be able to get the vaccine. I have my info into the website due to my health challenges and now it is just the waiting game.

Looking forward to some more hockey online and possibly seeing Hockey Guy play in person if I can get the vaccine.

I am also looking forward to a little Valentine's celebration as it is on the weekend.

What Else is New

I think I have covered it all.

Thank you so much for stopping by and Holly and I will see you back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings.


  1. Congratulations on the 100 mile challenge! That is awesome and inspiring too.

  2. Way to go on the 100 mile challenge! That is so great!

    And my post for Monthly Musings tomorrow is ready to go! I'm so excited you and Holly are hosting it again this year.

  3. Congrats on your fitness challenge Patty- what an accomplishment! I can imagine how busy you are at work- you got this! How is the French Cooking channel? I need to try that!


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