Friday Favorites: Best Inauguration Fashion Then and Now


Happy Friday Besties! What a week. This is not a political post at all this is a total nod to all of the tradition and fashion of the Inaugurations of today and in the past. I have been blessed to be part of the Inaugurations in one way or another in 1989, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017. This is not something I take for granted and these are some of the most special moments of my life.

Today I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the Best Inauguration fashion from this week and in years past. Let's leave politics at the door and just talk about these beautiful fashions that are now a part of history.

Inauguration Fashion 2021

Jill Biden

Where do I even start? I have long admired her fashion sense. For a woman of a certain age, actually a woman of any age, she really knows how to pull together an outfit. While she is a 60 something professor and grandma, she is the furthest from dowdy.  During the 2017 Inauguration, I was working at home and Running Daddy came in and said to me "I know you are working but I need to know what you think of Dr. Jill's outfit." The answer, always spot on. I am excited that the next four years mean four years of Dr. Jill's fashion sense. 

Side note, I am totally here if she wants me to stop by the White House and pick up her hand me downs, we look like we are a similar size. No need to Thred Up your stuff Dr, Biden, I will take anything you don't want any more!

Ok, let's get to the fashion! Starting with the memorial event for those that died of COVID, this purple coat and dress is spot on. It has been reported that she chose this color as it is a mix of blue and red for a sign of unity.

Dr. Biden's choice for the swearing in ceremony is just perfection and may be my favorite of all time. A light blue tweed coat and dress with hand beading at the neckline, velvet accents and Swarovski crystals woven in. Feminine, luxe and totally appropriate. 

I had said earlier in the day that since Dr. Biden was not really going to get her Inaugural gown moment, she should just put on a gown anyway, dance with her family and order pizza. They sort of did that. Dr. Biden changed into a white sheath dress and cashmere evening coat embroidered with flowers representing the state flowers of all 50 states and the territories. The Delaware state flower was located closest to her heart. In the lining was a hand embroidered quote from Benjamin Franklin "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Besties, I will give you a minute to get a tissue. 

Besties, there was even a wrist corsage which was a total nod to the past. Apparently first ladies of the past used to wear wrist corsages. Think Mamie Eisenhower and Betty Ford. I am so here for bringing back this tradition.

Vice President Harris

So many firsts here. Finally! For her outfit, I loved the color, I loved her jewelry, her makeup was spot on. 

I would have liked to see her coat be a little shorter. Maybe about 3 inches lower than the dress. It's so hard to be in her position to go first and just make sure you do everything right. She did a Good job erring on the side of conservative. 

Amanda Gorman

Her words gave us hope and stretch us to be Better and this young woman has style and grace. I cannot wait to watch her and drink in her words in the future.

Jennifer Lopez

I am kind of obsessed with Jennifer Lopez and could just look at her all day. She is a star in the truest definition. Wednesday she was dressed to the nines and completely appropriate for the occasion.

That engagement ring is the size of a hockey rink!

A mega watt star!

Besties, the only thing I am going to say about Lady Gaga is that she sounded great and I guess it is Better that she had a gold bird on her dress than the meat dress of the past. 

Best Inauguration Fashion of the Past

Michelle Obama 2007

I love this swearing in ensemble from Michelle Obama in 2007. It's perfection and see what I mean about the coat to dress length ratio? This is the right length combo. Similar to Dr. Jill above but this one has more sparkle.

I love this white gown.

Melania Trump

Her upswept hair is gorgeous and this shade of blue is perfect on her.

Lynn Cheney 2001

I adore this coat!

Barbara Bush 1989

I saw this dress in person and it was so beautiful. Dark blue velvet and taffeta was so on trend for the late 1980's.

Pat Nixon 1969

I adore this yellow silk and brocade gown. Mrs. Nixon looks like she loves it too!

Jackie Kennedy 1961

I like her gown, but I am obsessed with this cape.

I hope you enjoyed this Inauguration fashion recap Besties. It was such a nice break to be able to look back at all of this beautiful fashion. Which were your favorites? Did you have favorites that I didn't cover?  Leave them in the comments below.


  1. What a fun post! Jackie is my favorite but I can appreciate all of the style here- Michelle Obama's white gown took the cake- thanks for sharing friend!

    1. I was going to just add a few to my regular Friday Favorites and then as I got into it I realized these fashions deserved their own post. Love Jackie too my friend!

  2. Thank you for all of the details in this post, especially around Dr. Biden's outfits, I had no idea! I'm kind of glad I don't have to put that much thought into my outfits, but appreciate that they do.

    1. The Good news is that there were probably be a lot of things inspired by these outfits coming our way soon! Have a Good weekend Lisa!

  3. I just love looking back at these outfits! I agree, Jill Biden is so pretty and can pull on many outfits! I can’t wait for Monthly Musings next week!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Abby! Holly and I will have everything for Monthly Musings out on Monday including a new graphic, topic for January and the 2021 schedule. So glad you will be joining us again in 2021. You have been a Good addition!

  4. LOVE the recap! I also thought Melania's nod to Jackie Kennedy's leaving outfit was beautiful. I would buy that jacket in a heartbeat, in all the colors! Can we also talk about Elma Emhoff? Perfectly suited for her.

  5. I didn't love Ella's outfit...but she knows way Better than I do because she is a design student at Parson's. Unlike me, she is on the cutting edge of fashion! A lot of feedback that I have had here and on Facebook gave her a big thumbs up on her look. So I may be outnumbered on this mock Fashion Police couch! Have a Good weekend Meg and thanks for writing in.

  6. What a fun look back; I just LOVE fashion and trends.

  7. What a fun post! Michelle Obama’s ball gown was amazing!! I loved it! This was so fun to look back at all of the inauguration fashion! Have a great weekend!


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