Comfort in the Chaos

This week, was a lot. The first week in January at my day job is always busy. We are finishing up the previous year and then also starting a new year and a new election cycle. Then, Wednesday happened.

This week was just heartbreaking for everyone in our country. As a person who has spent her entire adult life as part of the political process and has walked those halls and had US Capitol police officers who were my friends at our wedding, I am beyond words at what I saw and what we all saw.

When things are bad, there are always glimmers of comfort and before and after the incidents on Wednesday, here is where I found comfort this week.

1) This Letter

On Thursday, the George and Barbara Bush Foundation reposted this letter on social media. It's not the first time I have read this letter, but when I read this heartfelt note again this week is important reminder of how things are supposed to be. I love the written word, I love a handwritten note and our 41st president was so very Good at this. 

I am biased you see, because I was part of the political team at a very young age that had a very small part of helping with his re-election effort. He came up short and it hurt, a lot, and honestly I was a little off for a good two months after this happened.

The always say that you learn more from your losses than you do from your wins. In the waning days of the Bush 41 administration we learned how to lose gracefully because we had leadership and class from the top. President Bush's words in 1993 are the lessons he still teaches us today. You don't have to like his politics, but he was a gentleman and he had such great respect for this country and the American people. Read his words, drink them in and remember that this is what our country is, not the spectacle and violence we saw on Wednesday.

I am praying for healing and the American people. I am grateful for leaders like George H.W. Bush and I truly hope that we never see something like this ever again in my lifetime or the lifetime of this great nation.

2) This Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree was almost the last one on the lot. It was in a corner and we almost missed it but Wine Gal K sent me a text that day and told us to come get a tree now if we wanted one. Since this was a week earlier than we planned to buy a tree, it sat in a bucket of water for about a week outside.

This tree was the perfect size and the perfect width for our space. It opened up beautifully and had no bare spots. It was a Good tree and provided a lot of comfort this season. I got a little misty eyed taking it down this weekend. It was the right tree for the right year.

3) Lavish Body Butter

The Lavish Body Butter is such a Good option for winter skin. It really moisturizes even my itchy sensitive skin, absorbs well and smells like heaven. This is going to be my go to body moisturizer from now on, this version and the lavender version.

4) High School Hockey Debut

This photo was years in the making. On Saturday night, Hockey Guy made his official debut with his high school team. He has been attending their games since he was either in kindergarten or first grade and has always wanted to play on this team. While he played with them some last year as a middle schooler, this weekend it became official.

He played really well and the team had a win. This brought me so much Joy

This weekend, I wish you peace and quiet. Our country is strong and I know Better days are ahead of us Besties.



  1. You are always so uplifting and inspiring- that letter truly choked me up and I know we will get back to that as a country- things are looking up- 2021 is springing hope- love your Christmas tree and looking forward to some fun blogging adventures together this year XO

  2. I have been looking for something to combat my dry, itchy, winter skin!

  3. I love that you are always uplifting in every way you can be. That Lavish busy butter sounds so nice!! Thank you for sharing!


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