Friday Favorites: Your Favorite Posts of 2020


Happy New Year Besties! While I know that none of us think that 2020 was a Good year, there were some bright spots here and there. Before we move forward into 2021, I want to take a moment to look back at the most popular posts of 2020. Let's take one last look at 2020 and then move on.

5) What's Up Wednesday in September

In September, we had a little return to normalcy as much as it could be in a pandemic. School a few days a week with restrictions, hockey with all kinds of restrictions and pumpkin spice season returned. Read what was up in September here

4) January Monthly Musings

In 2020, Holly and I changed up our monthly link up to Monthly Musings which is a fun list of quick questions based around a monthly theme. We publish the last Thursday of the month, so if you are a blogger and want to link up with us in 2021, please do!

You can read our first Monthly Musings here. Since this post was at the end of January, we were talking all things Valentine's Day to prep for the big day.

Holly and I will be working on the topics and schedule for 2021 Monthly Musings in the next few weeks and we hope you will join us this year as a blogger, reader or both.

3) Friday Favorites January 17

This edition of Friday favorites included my new favorite hair tool that I am still using daily, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and my first hot toddy.

2) Friday Favorites January 10

Oh we started the year strong with back to back Friday Favorites in the top five in January. This early January post covered our Hallmarkie Awards, a Good weekender bag option and the premier of Pilot Pete's Bachelor series---now that was and is a train wreck!

1) Friday Favorites March 13

This was the day everything shut down around here. There was not real way of knowing that when I pushed publish early that morning. Things felt odd and we knew that the kids were going to be home from school for a few days. I left my office that afternoon bringing files and my laptop thinking we might be home for two weeks...a month at the most and was prepared for it. I know I was not prepared for what would follow for the next 10 months and counting.

Here is the most popular post of 2020, which coincidentally is the same day the world shut down. You can read the last slice of normalcy here

Good Better Best has had a really Good year as far as readership, and I thank everyone who takes the time to stop by to read and comment. I am always striving to make this site Better, so if there is something you are really loving that I did this year, please post in the comments below. 

I am thinking about changing things up a little in 2021 and would love your feedback. I am thinking about focusing back on some wine posts, especially because Running Daddy and I have a New Year's Resolution to drink more Virginia wine. I am also thinking to do more heartfelt posts like this one as these are the ones that really bring me Joy and seem to bring people a lot of comfort. Leave me your thoughts and I will take them into consideration.

On to 2021! We all deserve it. 


  1. So happy to hear you and Holly are continuing your monthly musings! Things up here didn't officially shut down until March 20th but it had been happening gradually over the weeks leading up to that date.. and yeah, we all thought it was just for a couple of weeks!

  2. Happy New Year friend! It has been so fun blogging with you- I look forward to an even better year together in 2021! XO


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