What I am Doing During the Corona Virus Including Shopping for a Cause

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I hope everyone is well and that your friends and family are safe during this very odd and kind of scary time. I am going to keep blogging during the crisis because I think we all need it, especially me. Here is what I am trying to do to get through the Corona virus and also do my part. It boils down to work, school work and keeping the economy going especially small businesses.

Work/School Work

Lucking Running Daddy and I can work pretty easily from home. The one thing I thought I couldn't do at home, our IT department took care of late last week.

Since I already work at home a couple times per month here are ideas of how to work more successfully at home:

-Get up at the same time you normally would or even earlier to get some work done.
-Shower and get dressed.
-Try to find a Good place to work. We have it broken up into three locations: Running Daddy in the home office, Hockey Guy in the family room downstairs and I am in the living room.

-Work on easy projects to do at home first to help get your groove going: expenses, updating charts or reports, and editing documents.
-I am also focusing on some writing for projects I need to do in the next few months as well as long term planning. I know when I get back we will hit the ground running again for campaign season and it will be Good to have these projects ready to go. 
-Hockey Guy has set lesson plans every day from school. It is going really well so far and then we just upload the projects to Google classroom for credit and grading. He has done pretty well at working independently and we just make sure that everything is completed and turned in every night. I feel very thankful that he is at an age where he can work on his own without a ton of guidance. I know not everyone is in this same boat.

Keeping the Economy Going

One thing that Running Daddy and I are very focused on is what we can help do to keep the economy going. Beyond working very hard at social distancing (and we are taking this very seriously) we are trying to find ways to help the economy, especially small businesses. I have some ideas on how to help out if you are still in a Good place financially and then one thing that I will be working on for the next few weeks to help out my friend who owns a small business.

Here are some easy ways to help out:

-If you are still allowed to do restaurant take out or curbside pickup where you live, try to order takeout at least once per week. Running Daddy and I are trying to spread our ordering around and not just focus on one place.
-Buy an online gift certificate to your hair salon, workout studio or car mechanic to use at a future date.
-We have kept our dog walker coming. Even though all three of us are home and Stormy is the PE teacher for distance learning, we felt that it was really important to keep her on if she wanted to work. She only comes in our house as far as the porch, so we are keeping the social distancing intact. Plus, she is a friend and neighbor, so we are committed to trying to keep her on.
-We also paid our cleaning people to NOT come and clean. I know this sounds odd, but we are very seriously committed to social distancing.  We didn't see the point of having the cleaning team come into our house to clean only to run the risk of potentially exposing everyone to the virus. Since we are still working and getting paid, and I had budgeted to pay them this week anyway.  I sent our cleaning woman a text and said that I would mail her a check this week and she didn't have to come and clean. I am cleaning every surface multiple times per day anyway and I want to make sure these ladies stay healthy and still have some income. I cannot totally control if I get the Corona virus but I can help these ladies stay employed.

Please take a moment and think about all of the people who you ask for favors who own small businesses. Your local mechanic who sponsors your child's sports team, your friend who donated a beautiful necklace for your charity auction, the restaurant who gave you a price break on the awards banquet catering, all these people need your support back right now. Today! Please think of ways to help them stay afloat. If the economy tanks, we are all going to be in trouble.

Join my party

For the next few weeks, my friend Susanne and I are going to be filling this space with spring fashion, accessories and clean beauty as a way to help lighten the mood. I am also doing this to support her small business as an ambassador with Stella & Dot, Keep Collective and Ever.

Susanne and I had started planning a Mimosas and Muffins party for when she was in town on March 28 to showcase Stella & Dot, Keep Collective and Ever. Then the Corona virus hit. So I am unsure of the in person status of this party, but I am 1000% committed to this party online and on Good Better Best

For the next couple of weeks, we will be showcasing the Best in spring beauty, fashion and accessories.  Ready for some Good news? From March 16th to March 31st, when you shop these products on the style boards listed below, Stella & Dot will donate 20% of your purchase to No Kid Hungry. So you can feel Better and give yourself a little lift buy adding a treasure to your spring wardrobe or jewelry box and do some Good too.

You can shop these Shop for a Cause looks and other options here

Here is the full Shop for a Cause list:

Susanne also pulled together a style board for Good Better Best. She did the Best job nailing my style with these polka dot leggings, perfect for working at home, and the Keep bracelet is spot on. 

I will be sharing more style boards and other fun items over the next few weeks and I think Susanne may even have a fun give away in store for us. But if you want any of the Shop for a Cause items above, you only have until March 31st to get the 20% donated to No Kid Hungry. Shop here to support the cause, get your spring style on and shop a really Good small business. 

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites Besties


  1. Thank you friend for helping to make sense of some of this insanity...all we can do is what we know is right and the rest will fall into place- thinking of you!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Holly. Hope you all are well and safe.



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