Friday Favorites: Good Hand Sanitizer, Best black pants, 1% Challenge, Best Cookies and S'More Bites


Hey Besties! I know things are a little scary right now with this whole Corona virus thing but let's take a moment to just have a few shreds of normalcy. I am still taking a moment to talk about the things that are bringing me Joy this week and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share what brings me Joy this week for Friday Favorites. So wash your hands, pour your favorite beverage and take a moment for Joy.

1) The 1% Challenge

When we were getting ready for Lent, Hockey Guy told me about the 1% Challenge and recommended that I try it. They are doing it in school and it is just a really Good way to add God's word into your day.

Basically, 1% of your day is only 15 minutes so you pledge to spend 1% of your day focusing on your faith. You can read the Bible, pray, listen to the get the point. It doesn't have to do 15 minutes all at one time, you can break it up.

Hockey Guy found me a Bible app for women and I am starting my day reading that and then by time time I do my daily prayers and maybe a little Jesus music on my comment...ta dah I have gotten to 1% pretty easily.

To learn more about the 1% challenge click here

2) Goodie Girl Gluten Free Cookies

Oh my these are so Good. They taste just like I remember a fudge striped cookie tastes. A couple of these with a cup of tea in the afternoon really helps me finish out my day. Next up I am going to try their mint version.

3) Trader Joe's Smashing S'Mores

Image result for trader joe's s'mores bites

I bought this as an impulse purchase for my gluten eaters last week and Hockey Guy is obsessed. When I was in Trader Joe's with the rest of the planet I picked up two of these because this is how we disaster prep in the Good Better Best household.

According to Hockey Guy, the recommendation to pop in the microwave for 4 seconds is spot on.

4) Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Black Pants

size 6
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I have been a big fan of Wit & Wisdom for a few years as the have the Best jeans. I needed a new pair of black pants so I decided to give their regular pants a try. They are fantastic. They fit well and just really make you look so slim. Total home run. 

I took my regular size of a 6 but maybe could have sized down. I decided not to as I am at a really Good weight right now, but just wanted to give myself an option in case my weight fluctuates.

5) Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer

I forgot that I had this lovely little bottle of hand sanitizer in my desk drawer. I don't love hand sanitizer and usually prefer soap and water, but desperate times call for hand sanitizer. This is probably an older scent but it has a lovely orange scent. It's a spray ant not sticky at all.

My understanding is that your hand sanitizer should have 60% alcohol and this one has 62%. So all Good. Not sure if it is sold out but if you can get some, I highly recommend you pick some up.  But hey...don't hoard it, save some for everyone.

I hope this post gave you a lift in this really freaky time. Feel free to leave in the comments how you are dealing with the Corona virus scare or any Good tips you have. 


  1. Thanks for the sharing these bright things to lighten up my the 1% challenge...going to start that today..have a safe and wonderful weekend my friend! XO

  2. I was able to actually get some of that hand sanitizer yesterday at target! I love what you said about the 1%. I hope you have a great weekend and stay healthy!

  3. I like the spray hand sanitizer so much Better! It was so amazing that Hockey Guy introduced me to the 1% challenge and now so many of my readers are joining in too. Stay healthy Andrea and thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


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