My Thoughts on The Bachelor This Season

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I know things are a little crazy right now, so I am doing my part by social distancing, washing my hands and trying to provide the world with a little Joy by posting on this site. This brings me my thoughts on The Bachelor this season and I have a lot of those.

I am going to give you a lot of random Bachelor thoughts categorized into three topics: The Women, Peter and Barb (aka Peter's mom).

The Women:

  • Most of these women were crazy, like certifiable this season. Usually there is one or two villains but this season there were multiple villains and they changed each episode. 
  • I cannot stand women like Victoria F. Period.
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  • Both Madison and Hannah Ann are too Good for him.
  • Madison's mascara is a cautionary tale. 

  • Hockey Guy thinks Peter is a "4" and only a "4" because he has those airline buddy passes. Without the buddy passes he is a "2".
  • Skinny jeans with man heel boots...why?
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  • This guy cannot read a room. Madison was clearly done with him and he just could not pick up on it.
  • Speaking of Madison, if he was really into her, why did he go to the fantasy suite with the other two ladies and then act all indignant when she was upset about it. Madison told you she would be upset. He just did it because he could.
  • Yes Peter, relationships are about compromise but that doesn't mean that Madison has to compromise her morals for you. It's not the same as you choose the grey couch when you would rather have the mocha leather love seat. 
  • Hannah Ann is very pretty and I was glad that she stuck up for herself. He totally strung her along.
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  • Did anyone else think during the final rose ceremony with Hannah Ann when Peter said Madison and then paused...that he called her by the wrong name...I did.
  • I think that Madison was kind of over Peter when she showed up on stage.
  • In general, I don't think Peter is the nice guy that he portrays himself to be. I think he may even be a dirtball. 

Barb (aka Peter's mom)

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  • Of all the crazy moms in all of the seasons Barb takes the cake.
  • She is way overly involved in Peter's life and is something that every boy mom should never be.
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  • From the beginning and even last season, Hockey Guy and I called her the "thirsty mom."
  • Why do they call a grown man "bud"? He's not six years old he is 28..and frankly needs to move out of that house.
  • When she sees him in Australia, it is like he has been away at war and she previously received a telegram that he may have been presumed dead...but shows up alive. He has not been away at war, he has just been on The Bachelor lady.
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  • The pushing of Hannah Ann over Madison and the crying's totally totally weird.
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  • The crying and carrying on that she missed "Bud" and his smile when he tells him who he had been one week since she last saw him. See telegram comment above.
  • Referring to Hannah Ann as her daughter (twice) was weird. Period.
  • She was flat out mean to Madison and just could not imagine why Madison shouldn't compromise her morals for her "bud."
  • Her boundaries were even more off at the After the Final Rose, but "Barb cam" where we could get Barb's every eye roll was just amazing and I was totally here for it.
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  • The comments to Madison and Peter at After the Final Rose were just totally out of line.
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  • After seeing Peter's mom this season, I think I know why he kept Victoria F around so long. Manipulative women are his comfort place. I am not kidding here.
Those are all of my thoughts on The Bachelor this season and I just needed to get those off my chest. Hockey Guy helped to contribute to this post too. I am not sure his efforts will count for any distance learning this week.

Hope this post gave you a little break from scary news. I am going to try to keep posting 2-3 times per week as a break for myself and for any of you that are kind enough to stop by here to read and comment.

Feel free to share your comments on The Bachelor this season in the comments below.

Stay well Besties and #don'tbeaBarb.

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  1. This....just this...Amen to ALL of it...that mom is simply CRAY and so very annoying- ha!! :) Thanks for sharing the joy- we all need it


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