Monthly Musings: Spring Holidays & Decorating

Hey Besties, I hope everyone is healthy and safe. Thank you for joining Holly and me for Monthly Musings today. Today we are talking Spring Holidays and Decorating. I think we could all use a break to talk about such pretty things.

1. Do You Decorate for Easter or Spring?

This is a big Yes! We typically host Easter so we do it up big. I think I am going to decorate for Easter a little early this year because we need it. We need some bunnies, we need some colored eggs, we need some happy, we need some Joy

2. What Spring holidays do you celebrate?

Easter all the way! We also have April birthdays in our family including mine and my mom's. 

3. Do You Have Any Fun Spring Traditions?

We always host Easter and have a big Easter egg hunt.

4. Do You Have Any Recipes You Make Every Spring?

I make a lengendary ham that I only make for Easter. Never for any other holiday or gathering. Our house that ham only. I also make cheese grits to go along with it and always use Paula Deen's recipe. A stick of butter, a bag of's all Good.

5. Do You Switch Out Any of Your Decor for Spring?

For seasonal decor, sometimes I change out our throw pillow covers in the living room.

6. Do You Add in Outdoor Spring Touches?

In early spring I try to cut an iris or daffodil from our garden. They make me happy and proud that they are growing in our garden.

7. Do You Have a Favorite Spring Cocktail or drink?

I do love to switch to rose' in the spring and Daddy loves his Dark n Stormy's.

8. Pink? Love or hate?

It's my favorite color. Period. 

9. Favorite Spring Flower?

I can't just pick one. Hockey Guy loves hyacinth because he thinks they smell like Easter. I love tulips because they are the first flowers that Running Daddy ever brought me. I also love an Iris. We have a lot of them in our gardens and they just make me happy.

10. Are Things Blooming Where You Live?

Yes, everything is in bloom. Flowers, trees and the famous cherry blossoms. It helps to have some beauty when the news is so scary.

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  1. I'm so jealous that everything is in bloom there- we had another round of snow this week- sigh and ugh! We need blooms AND those grits sound delish...I may need to look up that recipe ;)

    1. The spring snow in New England is so tough. I remember it well. The cheese grits are sooooo Good and way easier to make than scalloped potatoes. Stay well sweet friend.

      I am loving our link up!

  2. Yes, those cheese grits sound so good! Thanks for the link up and have a good day!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks for joining us for link up. Totally try those grits. They are so easy and filled with cheesy Goodness. Stay well.

  3. Replies
    1. Rose' alllllll day! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Stay well.


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