What's Up Wednesday-December 2019

It's What's Up Wednesday and we are doing this a little early this year because the actual last Wednesday of the month is Christmas day. Which actually means that this is probably the first thing this holiday season I have been early for. With the late thanksgiving and a whole lot of rain, I am just so behind on everything. I am talking we just bought our tree but it is not decorated and I am starting to become one grumpy elf.  It's time to take a breath and link up with with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday! Let's talk December Besties!

What We are Eating This Week

Honestly, with school getting out this week I am just going to do my Best with the dinner plan this week but here is what I sketched out:

Monday-Meatball subs. I had meatballs with a veggie pasta and salad.

Tuesday-Since Running Daddy hit Costco and planned to pick up pesto, hopefully chicken pesto pasta.

Wednesday-Could be burger night or could be pork chops.

Thursday-It will just be Hockey Guy and me, so something super casual like a chicken burger or grilled cheese for him.

Friday-Pizza night

What I am Reminiscing About

Like a lot of us, I am reminiscing about the days when Hockey Guy was little at Christmas. 

He was totally scared of Santa for so many years, but Santa is always so kind and gentle. 

Running Daddy and I also got engaged right before Christmas so I always think about that wonderful night in New York City at the Rainbow Room.

What I am Loving

Quite honestly these women I call the Magnificent Seven. We have been getting together for lunch for probably seven years, but this year is the first time we did a true holiday lunch.  SS decided that we should do a gift exchange and theme it "My Favorite Things". It was still packed with exchanges of ideas, what we are hearing on the Hill and lots of laughter, but the gifts were a really Good addition. 

I am also totally loving the Hallmark Bingo that my sister sent me for a little Advent gift. It makes watching Hallmark movies even more fun. Word of advice, just do a straight line bingo, don't do anything fancy like a cover all or an X...it just slows down the game. We have found this was more fun and competitive when you just work towards a straight line.

We also really loved Ford vs. Ferrari. If you have not seen this movie, go see it over the holidays even if you are not into cars. It is that Good. Read more about this movie in my post here

Image result for ford vs ferrari matt damon

What We've Been Up To

We have been up to a lot around the Good Better Best household. Year end is always really busy for Running Daddy and me, so we are pushing to the finish. Hockey Guy and I have been both working on our end of his applications for high school and some other fun opportunities that have come with that.

Earlier this month, the three of us got up at o'dark thirty on a Saturday to drive to Baltimore. We were part of a program where we adopted a nun for Christmas with the Oblate Sisters of Providence.  Our nun was 98 years old and her list of Christmas gifts was so sweet and simple. Hockey Guy joined the kids and helped serve food while Running Daddy and I chatted with our nuns on the table. These beautiful sisters were 97, 98 and 102 years old. Some of the kids sang with the nuns later in the morning and then we all brought their gifts to the convent at the end of the morning. When we got back to the parking lot Hockey Guy commented how fun this was. It was seriously one of the Best things we have ever done and this will be a program that all three of us will be part of in the future. 

What I am Dreading

Wrapping gifts. So not my thing, but I do it anyway. 

What I am Working On

It is year end at work so I have deadlines of things that must be done by the year end or they do not count financially. So there is a big push right now. I am also hoping to have a quieter schedule towards the last few weeks and can clean and organize my office because 2020 is going to be a big year work-wise.

I am also working on sleep. With all that has been going on this month I have not been getting enough time to sleep and my quality of sleep has not been Good. I need to clear out some of the clutter from my bedroom and hopefully that will help. I want to join in as much of Jaclyn's Clear the Clutter Challenge as I can this year. 

What I am Excited About

Even though I am not as decorated as I would like to be, I am really excited about Christmas. Hockey Guy is serving Mass and then we are all getting together at a friends house for a bit after church on Christmas Eve.

I am also really excited about a quick trip we have planned at the end of the month. I will give you a hint...after the birth of our new born King...we are taking a trip to see what another king had planned for Christmas.  Any ideas? Put them in the comments below.

What I am Reading/Watching

I need to get to reading again, maybe on our trip. The only thing I am reading these days is school application parent sections and the essays that accompany them.

The only thing we are watching is a whole lot of Hallmark. I almost feel like there are too many and it is hard to keep up. But I so enjoy it and there are ones that we watch as a family. Early morning coffee and Hallmark is the Best

Image result for hallmark christmas meme

What I am Listening to

In addition to all the Christmas music almost all the time, I found a new podcast about Hallmark called Deck the Hallmark. It's three guys who watch the movies, one loves Hallmark, one likes Hallmark and one hates Hallmark. While my original Hallmark podcast love is Bubbly Sesh, you know the one that I was on this spring, these guys are really funny. If you love Hallmark check out both of these podcasts.

What I'm Wearing

It seems to be cold and rainy a lot this year, so mostly I am wearing my new Helly Hansen coat.  It was a total investment piece even on sale, but every day when I wear it I am so glad I bought it. It is by far the warmest coat I have ever owned.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Hopefully getting a little sleep, including a nap. We also have a Griswold theme birthday party and we are super excited and have our outfits ready. I am finalizing the plan for Christmas and hopefully getting to enjoy the season a little more after those stocking stuffers are ready. Our sweet pup could also use a Christmas bath...thank heavens we have a dog washing station close by because he is a big boy who doesn't love his baths!

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

I am looking forward to Hockey Guy having his applications turned in. I am also looking forward to 2020. There have been aspects of this year that have been really hard. Nothing overly horrible, but almost every month there was something super challenging to deal with. Hoping 2020 is easier.

What Else is New

Holly and I will also be doing our link up a little early this month due to Christmas. I will have the link ready tomorrow for Thankful Thursdays and we will keep it up until Christmas Eve in case you are writing about the holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate, and want to link up with us.

Have a Good December Besties!


  1. Merry Christmas Patty! I am so glad you are joining the Clear the Clutter Challenge. Can't wait to get started.

  2. I've been wanting to see Ford VS Ferrari with my oldest son (since he's the only one that seems interested in watching it) but I'm thinking we might have to wait for it to come out on demand or video at this rate.


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