Friday Favorites: Good Movie, Trader Joe's Tea, Warm Boots, Fun Sweatshirt

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Back at school, work, math tutoring etc. after a really Good Thanksgiving break.  As a family we have some big projects on our plate for the next month or so, but they are Good projects and will hopefully take us on wonderful new journey. Taking a quick break for Friday Favorites today and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share what is bringing me Joy this week. 

1) Ford vs. Ferrari

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I am going to start by not walk to go see this movie. Everything about this movie is amazing, even if you are not a car person. I happen to live with two gear heads so we were so up for it. The acting in this is amazing and the story, especially from a business standpoint, was just so fascinating.

Can we take a minute to talk about Matt Damon? This movie reminded me of why I love Matt Damon. While he is not my Hollywood boyfriend, that spot is still reserved for Channing Tatum, Matt Damon is whew in this movie.  

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I mean a Boston boy with a Texas accent in this movie...hello!

This movie is more than about how I think Matt Damon looks in this. This movie is a reminder that Hollywood can still put out Good stories that you can actually take a teen boy to without there being things in it you are not ready for him to see.

Put this on you must see list.

2) Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up tea

Trader Joe's Winter Wake up Tea 20 tea bags (1 pack)

This was a total impulse purchase like a lot of things at Trader Joe's are, but what a surprise and a delight. This is the perfect tea for a cold afternoon when you need a little warm lift but don't want coffee. I will admit at first I wasn't sure that I would like this because in the bag, pre-brew, it has a strong cinnamon smell, but brewed it is perfection. Warm, sweet, spicy and it gives you a lift. It is my new favorite for a work day afternoon. Give it a try on your next Trader Joe's run.

3) Sperry Avenue Boots

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These are really Good boots. I picked them up at 50% on Black Friday for Hockey Guy. Hockey Guy really wants L.L. Bean Boots  but I told him that he cannot get them until his feet stop growing. I was pretty excited to score these Sperry boots and gave them to him that morning. They are warm because they are lined with Thinsulate and they are totally waterproof. Hockey Guy walked Stormy in the woods last weekend and they got a little wet in the creek. His boots were totally dry by the time they made it back to the house.

These are a really Good option if you want to spend a little less than the L.L. Bean version and I think they are basically as Good

4) Yankee/Y'all Sweatshirt

I am so thinking about buying myself this sweatshirt. It kind of sums up my life. While I was born in New England and Yankee born, I have basically lived in Virginia way longer than anywhere. There are so many things I love about living here, so when I saw this, it totally spoke to me.  Well, as much as a novelty sweatshirt can.

On this busy week, that is what I have for my Friday Favorites. It is a weekend smush, but a Good smush. We are headed to Baltimore tomorrow morning for a bunch with our nuns that we "adopted" this Christmas season. There is a whole lot of hockey and then Hockey Guy is playing an elf at school for when Santa comes to visit the littles for St. Nicholas day.

I hope you are having a really Good holiday season so far.


  1. We loved that movie so much and Matt Damon! I’m gonna have to get some of that tea, as I love the one they always have at fall. And I love a cup afternoon tea. I hope you have a fabulous weekend pretty lady!

  2. Thanks for the movie tip- may have to check it out! Can't wait to hear all about your projects- have a wonderful weekend friend!

  3. I need to make a stop at Trader Joe's.


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