Thankful Thursdays Holiday Season--Even When Your Tree is Not Decorated

We have finally made it to the holiday season and today I am linking up with my girl Holly for Thankful Thursdays to talk about the holiday season.  Pour a cup of your favorite holiday beverage and check out the link ups this month.

I am so thankful it is the Christmas season which is the holiday we celebrate this time of year. I love everything about it. I love the Christmas story and the real focus of the year. I love Christmas music and if you have been around this space for even a minute you know I love my Hallmark Christmas movies, even when I am watching them in July. 

While I love Christmas, the truth is, I am totally behind on everything but my shopping this year and I am kind of a grumpy elf. When I say I am behind, I mean my house is half decorated because for some darn reason I decided to change up where I put my decorations and this was a really bad idea. This was not the year to change things up when we have one less week between Christmas and Thanksgiving. When I say I am behind this Christmas season, I am serious, like we have a tree but it is not decorated. I am not kidding and it is one week before Christmas.  We have had some big life deadlines that are exciting but time consuming this month and that had to take the priority to decking the halls for a few weeks.

But my lovely friend KK, who is part of the Magnificent Seven posted this after our Favorite Things lunch. It was originally posted by Steve Grant of KY3 news and pretty much puts things into perspective this year.

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So here are the simple Christmas things I am grateful for this year:

-My friends who help me keep things like this in perspective.
-My girls AD and AM who at a Christmas party this weekend, kind of talked me off a mini ledge and told me not to worry that most of my decorations weren't up and that I would get a tree and all would be fine.
-Break and bake cookies. That is what we will be making this year and I am thankful that Santa never minds.
-For my friend who has such a beautifully decorated house and invited us to her party the other night. Just being at her house surrounded by her decorations brought me Joy.
-The moments to stop and spend time with friends where we are all wearing festive attire.
-Christmas movies and Christmas music.
-The Joy of gift giving. This part I really love. 
-A trip coming up in about 10 days that is really keeping Running Daddy and me going during year end.
-The ability for our family to participate in a program where we adopted a nun this Christmas, bought her gifts and got to go have breakfast with the nuns and share Christmas with them.

These are the things I am truly thankful for this Christmas season. Yes, I will be a little more thankful when my tree is decorated but I am grateful I took a beat to think about what matters.

Please feel free to share your simple holiday gratitude in the comment section below. I also want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you who stop by this site to read and comment. Good Better Best crossed a huge milestone in readership this week, one that kind of blew me away and I just want to thank you all. 

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  1. Love your list friend...everyone I talk to is behind this year because we literally had less time after Thanksgiving- don't sweat it- you know the real reasons for the season and you got it girl! Enjoy XO

  2. I think one of the reasons that I love Christmas best of all is because people try to keep the true meaning of the holiday a little closer to the heart, which makes this area a little easier to live in. ~ Nancy

  3. I think one of the things that I am most grateful for at Christmas is that people are a little bit nicer, which makes this area a little easier to live in

  4. We are all in the same boat this year, aren't we? It's been nuts!! Loved reading this and knowing we're all in it together! xoxo, Cameron


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