Friday Favorites: Good Hostess Gifts 2019

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We are in the thick of the holiday season. The lights are twinkling, well hopefully ours will be this weekend, and everyone is working on their tidings of comfort and Joy. Today I am taking a twist on Friday Favorites with ErikaAndreaNarci and talking Good hostess gifts for this holiday season. I even have a special guest for you in this post to help you with all of your hostess gift needs. 

I think I am now ready to say that today's hostess gifts edition is my third annual Hostess Gift post. You can read my hostess gift 2017 edition here and the 2018 edition hereI love to share ways of giving the unexpected hostess gift beyond thee usual bottle of wine or candle. I love both wine and candles and love to receive them as gifts, but sometime I like to give the unexpected at the same price point. 

For 2019, I have a special treat. I interviewed my friend Abbey Bresett, owner of Mint & Ivy--a gifting company, to get some of the Best hostess gifts ideas for the 2019 holiday season. 

Patty: Tell me about Mint & Ivy.

Abbey: Mint and Ivy offers ready-to-ship and custom gifts for all occasions. From start to finish, we make your gift giving not only meaningful, but effortless. Whether you need a gift for a dear friend or for hundreds of customers, Mint & Ivy can design something special.

Patty: Why did you start Mint & Ivy?

Abbey: You know that moment you hand someone a gift that you know they’ll love? A beautifully wrapped package filled with items they'll not only use, but always remember. That’s my favorite. I’ve always loved finding a gift that’s “just right.”

For years, I worked as a fundraiser and event planner with plenty of occasions that required event favors or client appreciation gifts. I was constantly frustrated with the selection available. Everything seemed uninspired and generic. That's why I created Mint & Ivy.

Patty: What is the Best gift you ever given? 

Abbey: For my husband’s 50th birthday, I contacted hundreds of friends and family members from all stages of his life and asked them to send him a birthday message. I collected all of the notes, anecdotes and pictures and put together a book – all about celebrating him. It was so touching to see him read all about how he has impacted so many people. Plus, some pretty great stories surfaced!

Patty: Ok, Abbey, let's get down to some ideas for hostess gifts that are not run of the mill: a holiday party that includes kids, fancy couples cocktail party, the hostess gift for someone you may not know well such as your spouse's boss or co-worker. What are your Best ideas?

Abbey: Entertaining is fun, but, let’s be honest. It’s a lot of work too. I love giving a host something indulgent that they might not treat themselves to, but will love nonetheless. That applies across the board from my closest friends to my husband’s work colleagues. I’m thinking of the beautiful guest towels, candles or sweets that you saw in a boutique, but couldn’t justify buying for yourself? That’s exactly what I like to give someone. A treat just for them. 

Oh, and a travel cocktail kit. Everyone needs one of those – especially when traveling for the holidays. We sell loads of them in different varieties – Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Margarita, Champagne Cocktail etc. They are pocket sized magic that has everything you’ll need to create a drink on the go. Just add the liquor and you’re set! 

Now, if there are kiddos involved, you cannot go wrong with a hot chocolate themed gift. Hot chocolate appeals to just about everyone.

Patty: One last question, what is your Best quick and easy packaging idea? 

Abbey: My biggest packaging “tip” is clear cellophane. You can wrap almost anything in it, tie a bow with ribbon and it’ll look like a million bucks!

Patty: Thanks for joining me today for Friday Favorites Abbey and sharing your Best hostess gift ideas. Please tell everyone where they can find you this holiday season and for the Best gifts all throughout the year. 

Website –
@mintandivygifting on Instagram and Facebook

If you have a Good hostess gift idea or question for Abbey or me, please feel free to drop a note in the comments below. Enjoy your weekend Besties!


  1. Love it! I want every gift in this post- ha! Beautiful ideas- have a wonderful and festive weekend my friend XO

  2. Great ideas! Mint & Ivy sounds amazing. Have a festive and sweet weekend.

  3. This gift sets are beautiful. I love the thought that we should gift the hostess something they love but wouldn't buy themselves. I will remember that!


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