Front Porch Topiaries

I am kind of obsessed with topiaries. I think they are really cool and just give a home a sense of elegance unlike anything else. Recently I have been thinking that I wanted to do something rather bold at the front door. Keep in mind that almost no one comes through our front door. Everyone that knows us goes to the door around the corner at the porch! But I digress.....I always do hanging baskets by the front door, but they always seem to struggle. The hanging baskets are currently struggling by the way.

I have been thinking about and looking for the right planters to maybe do some topiaries of my own by the front door. In the days leading up to Easter I was in Home Depot and went over to where all of the shrubs and trees were and found smaller ball topiaries. This size was a Good choice because I knew it would give some height by the door but they would not be too tall. I bought the topiaries and some pansies to fill in around the base of the plants. What I skipped was the planters because there were not really any that I liked at the store.

There happens to be a TJ Maxx right next to Home Depot so I stopped in there just in case they happened to have planters that might work. Not only did they have the perfect faux wicker planters, they were only $20 each. Score!

I set to work and got the plants in the planters. Because we do get some wind around here, I did add a brick into the bottom of the base of the planters so that they would not blow over.

I just love the way they turned out. This is totally what I was hoping for. The Best part, I probably spent about $40 each on the topiaries all inclusive. 

I think they totally soften the look of the house. The hanging baskets are a little on life support but they are holding up. 

I am hoping that I can mix up the flowers around the base as the seasons change. They will probably look really beautiful for Christmas. If you have any inspirations or ideas for me please leave them in the comments below.


  1. These look amazing! What a great idea without a ton of investment...especially if my green thumb turns brown. ��

    1. Lacie--you could totally do this! And I have kept mine alive for two whole weeks now. XOXOX

  2. They came out great Patty-wish you would come up here and make some for me! :)

  3. Oh Holly---me too. If we lived closer I would totally help you do this.


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