Friday Favorites: TraderJoe's Finds, Better Concealer and Blessed by Friends

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This week went pretty fast but I am still so happy to see the weekend. I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci for Friday Favorites and sharing what is bringing me Joy this week. This is a pretty quick list because it is a little late and I am pretty tired.

1) It Cosmetics Eyelift in a Tube

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I have dark circles under my eyes, they are hereditary, and I am always looking for ways to make my under eyes look Better. I have been using It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye for several years. I definitely think it is a Good solution but sometimes feel like I always have too much product that I am trying to blend in. I liked the idea of the Eyelift in a Tube because it comes with a wand and I feel like I can control the product Better. It also has a highlighter on the other end that I put towards the outer portion of my eye. I do really like it and think it combines the Best of both worlds. Oh It Cosmetics concealer has never made my eyes itch...and you all know that almost everything makes my eyes itch.

2) Trader Joe's Pacific Salad

I have had to have some really easy lunches at hand this week and grabbed the Trader Joe's Pacific Salad this weekend. It is really Good. Butter lettuce, grilled chicken, sliced almonds and crispy rice noodles. There was also a dressing with it but I just used the Trader Joe's Champagne dressing. It was very crisp and didn't have that pre-made salad texture. I will be buying this one again.

3) Trader Joe's Mahi Mahi Burger

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Speaking of Trader Joe's, I have been working to keep dinner  simple and fast, but also healthy around these parts lately. May seems to be really busy and I am trying to not drive myself too crazy about dinner. I was in Trader Joe's this weekend and grabbed these mahi mahi burgers. They are low calorie and high in protein and you can grill them up in about 10 minutes or so. Running Daddy and I had these with a squeeze of lime, avocado and pink sea salt. I also made sweet potato tots and salad. Hockey Guy opted for a hot dog as he was a little nervous to try it. We think he is allergic to salmon but not shellfish. He was loving salmon the first time he tried it but seems to have a reaction every time after. We want to try to ease him into other types of swimming fish.

Running Daddy said that he would score these as a 9 out of 10, so these will be going on my standard Trader Joe's list from now on, especially in the summer.

4) Good Friends

I mentioned on Wednesday that I fell and really messed up my ankle two weeks ago. Basically, I did everything but break it. I have a high level sprain, bone contusions and ligament damage. It's kind of a mess and it is going to be a process to get Better.  

What I totally know, even though I always knew it, was what Good friends I have. I am going to do a post on this for Thankful Thursdays on this next Thursday as Holly  and I needed to push this to next week. friends and co-workers have been so Good to me the last few weeks. Nurse K took me to urgent care that night and PT Jen taped my ankle last week to help get the swelling down with her magical KT tape.
Not to mention how sweet Running Daddy and Hockey Guy have been. Hockey Guy prayed for me for my ortho appointment. Running Daddy is working hard on a plan to get me up and moving again and irons my outfit every morning. My friends have carried things for me, held my hand as I walked across the grass at a party and tried to figure out ways for me to do Barre 3 with all kinds of modifications. I have really, really Good friends. I am so very blessed. 

We start the lacrosse playoffs this weekend so I hope we will get to see lots of lacrosse over the next few weekends.

If you are finishing up school this week...congrats and happy summer. We have a few weeks to go.

Have the Best weekend and don't forget to join us or link up for Thankful Thursdays next week!


  1. I love Trader Joes but I haven't tried that Pacific Salad yet- but it sounds great! Yum! Hope you have the sweetest weekend!

  2. Praying you mend quickly. Love your Trader Joe’s picks. Happy weekend.

  3. I almost got those Mahi Mahi burgers. So sorry about your ankle, praying for quick healing. xo

  4. Thanks girl. Those burgers are perfect with a squeeze of lime, avocado and sea salt. Hope you are having the best weekend

  5. Hope you are heeling quickly Patty! LOVE the Mahi Burgers too! :)


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