Thankful Thursdays-Finding Gratitude in an Orthopaedic Boot

So this link up was supposed to happen last Thursday, but with everything going on with my foot, Holly was like...girl, let's just do it next week. That my friends is why she is such a Good blogging partner for me. She just sets me straight when I am going a little haywire and trying to do too much.

So we are going to do this as an early June Thankful Thursdays link up and I so have a lot to be thankful for. Our prompt was for Motherhood/or the End of School, but as you know, Holly and I keep it pretty loose around here and just want you all to embrace whatever you are thankful for and just link up with us. This month  my Thankful Thursday involves an orthopaedic boot.

I mentioned last week that I had hurt my foot but here is the whole deal. If you are squeamish you might want to skip ahead a few paragraphs. Three weeks ago tonight...I got home, wasn't in the house five minutes and accidentally stepped on Stormy's chew bone vertically and totally flipped over my left ankle. Like the top of my foot rolled over and hit the floor kind of flip. There was screaming in a way I am not sure I have screamed in a long time. I probably have not screamed and cried like that since I broke my leg when I was five years old...and again when I was six years old, and I have had a baby. I love my dog, but he leaves his chew bone out almost every afternoon and every night when I get home, I pick up the bone and put it in a basket. On this night, I came in the house, dropped my bag in our room and didn't pick up the bone.  That is where things got crazy painful.

So here is my gratitude in an orthopaedic boot...and there is a lot:

-When I sent a text to Nurse K that night asking her what I should do, she came and took me to urgent care within 10 minutes.
-Urgent care had a boot and crutches for me.
-Stormy slept in front of me all night that first night. Even though it was not his fault, he knew something was wrong.
-A husband who has ironed my clothes, shifted sides of the bed, carried everything, did my laundry and thought about some fun ways for me to rehab my foot.
-A crazy Good orthopaedic.
-That I could get a MRI for the night I called.
-That the MRI office had music in the headphones. Side note, I picked country music to listen to because I only had to go in up to my waist. I told the tech that if they were putting me into that tube any further...I was going to need some Jesus music!
-Co-workers who carried things for me, bought me coffee, offered me lunch and also walked me down to the garage and put me in my car when I was on crutches.
-For all of my friends who checked in on me.
-For my friends who held my hand while I walked across the grass to get food and helped me up the stairs at a party on Memorial Day.
-For my mother in law who has offered to help plant flowers because she knows I can't right now and how I love them.
-For my friend PT Jen, who had me come to her house a week in and used KT tape to help my swelling and then helps me with physical therapy including a Friday night and on Memorial Day. She also read my MRI report the day before I went to the doctor and told me that while there was a lot in there, there was nothing super scary.
-That my husband will tell me my outfit looks cute and coordinates with the boot nicely.

So while there are bone contusions, ligament damage and a high level sprain, there is always room to find a little gratitude, even in an orthopaedic boot.

If you want to link up with us you can do so below. We are here every month, so feel free to join us next month. See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites. 

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  1. So glad you are on the mend friend- reading this makes me even more thankful for the great healthcare we have here in the U.S! I think we sometimes take it for granted!~ Also thankful for YOU- the best blogging partner!

  2. Blessings.


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