That Time I Tried Goat Yoga

You read that right, goat yoga. I have been interested in goat yoga since I first saw it on Beverly Hills Housewives. Luckily I found true goat yoga right near my house with Beth Wolfe.  Beth is a really serious yoga teacher who also teaches goat yoga. Once I found dates that worked both my mother in law and my sister in law were in too.

Patiently waiting for our goats

Here is what you need to know about goat yoga. The people do the yoga, the goats do not. The goats were adult and baby pygmy goats and the adults probably weighed about 40 lbs. There were a lot of goats. There were 100 people in class and I would estimate there were around 20 goats. The goats are lovingly cared for and live on a farm with a veterinarian at Walnut Creek Farms

I would say our class was light on the yoga and heavy on the goats. Honestly, the goats are the Best part, but I truly believe that Beth is a serious yoga teacher and I would totally take a regular yoga class with her. But on this day, who are we kidding (see what I did there), we are all just there for the goats.

Beth asked that we try to put our phones away for the yoga pose portion of the class and then she let us take them out later. We did deep breathing, we did some poses and then they brought the goats out.

We continued with poses and then the goats do their goat thing while you do your yoga thing. I honestly didn't expect the adult goats to be as heavy as they were. They are not crazy heavy but just heavier than I thought. This ginger whose name was Caramel also nibbled on my hair.  I mean like totally nibbled on my hair like she was going in for a snack. That part was a little weird.

The staff is totally there to help with the goats and put them on your back if you want them.

The staff is also there for something else that I am sure you are wondering about. The staff is there to help with the pooping and peeing of the goats. Listen, they are animals. That is what they do. Our event was supposed to be outside but it rained hard all day so it was moved to an indoor location. The staff was right on it if we needed "clean up on aisle 7" as I liked to call it.

The Best part, was snuggling with the baby goats. I think they were about 12 weeks ago. This herd of baby goats was named after the Friends cast and they all kind of acted like their namesakes.

 Ross likes to snuggle but baby Joey we heard is a total ladies man. You can see that below. How You Doin'???????

Joey practically fell asleep on my shoulder.

We had the Best time and will probably do it again in the fall. It was such a Good way to spend a raining Sunday. Hopefully when we do this again we will be able to have the class outside as I think it would be even Better to be outside with the goats.


  1. OMG Patty this is SO CUTE- you must have had a blast and you look amazing!!

  2. So, so fun! I think y'all had bigger goats than we did. They are so cute! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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