Thankful Thursdays--Joy in Spring

Oh happy spring everyone! It's the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with my girl Holly for Thankful Thursdays and we are talking gratitude for spring. There is so much to be grateful for in this season.

Last month I wrote about the challenges that I often encounter in the month of March. I am super happy to tell you, April and I do not have those challenges. Despite having a flu like illness in the beginning of this month for my birthday, April and spring brings me a lot of Joy

While there can be a lot rain in April, things just seem to get Better in the spring. For those of us with four seasons climates, in the spring we are really emerging from the end of cold weather and times when we think the winter will never end. But then things get a little warmer and a little brighter and all of a sudden things start to pop. Our neighborhood is in a really lush area with a lot of very mature trees. I rounded the corner the other day and was just struck by the beauty of the greenery and the flowering trees. It literally took my breath away.

So much of this makes me think about the seasons of our lives. When things are dreary, wet, challenging and we feel we are going to be stuck in this season forever, then all of a sudden things start to lift. Things get a little brighter, the beauty starts to show it self and then one day pop...things are way Better

The main thing is in the tough, dreary, challenging seasons is to hold on. Don't loose hope. Look for the subtle signs of beauty and when the pop of all thing get Better, take the time to take it all and also be sure to give thanks for the simple beauty.

In celebration so simple spring Joy, take a moment to enjoy these spring flowers and peep pops.

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Hope you are having the Best spring!

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  1. I LOVE your bunny/Peeps pops- such a cute idea! Finally feeling Spring here and grateful for the warmth, green grass and the BEST blogging partner ever XOXO


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