Easy Spring Entertaining

Spring is finally here and time to get ready for some easy entertaining ideas. Last weekend I hosted a small group of women because I was co-hosting the watch party for the Bubbly Sesh which is the official podcast of the Hallmark Channel for premier of Bottled with Love. I put together some easy treats that I am going to share with you that you can easily incorporate into any spring entertaining occasion.  I am also going to share with you a very fun Easter treat we make every year and a totally different twist on a classic Easter treat.

Bubbly Bar

Who doesn't love bubbles? One of my favorite thing to have at parties is a bubbly drink, because I think it is something that people don't have very often. Saturday night, I set up a bar of sparkling water, sparkling apple juice and cava. It makes for a really fun night and your guests can choose all of the above if they want.  This would be perfect for a shower or afternoon party.

Themed Cupcakes

If you have been around this blog for even a minute, you probably know that I am not much of a baker. While I do have some baking recipes on this site, and the ones I post are really Good, baking is not really my thing. While I do love a Good themed cupcake, I am usually not the one who is making them. For the watch party, I bought the mini gluten free cupcakes at Trader Joe's and topped them with mini Swedish fish and gummy worms. I did that because Andrew Walker's character is really into fishing and they just made the cupcakes more fun. The Swedish fish were hockey guy's idea and then my addition was the gummy worms.

You could easily do this for any themed party. For Easter you could easily add jelly beans to the top or themed colored M & Ms for a bridal or baby shower.

Take Out Box Favors

What is it about those little Asian take out boxes that make things more fun? Since all my Hallmarkies that were over on Saturday night were moms, I decided to do a little fun favor with the Swedish fish and gummy worms. I bought the small size and filled these boxes to go home. You could easily do this with Easter candy or other themed candy for a shower or party.

Peep Pops

This idea is all Easter. We have been making these Peep for probably about seven years. They are super easy to make and so festive. All you need is melting chocolate, lollipop sticks, sprinkles, clear plastic bags and ribbons.  I have also used small cupcake liners to make little skirts for the lady Peeps.

These are so easy, that Hockey Guy is going to make the Peep pops himself. I love these because they serve both as a dessert and a little table decor.

I know that Peeps are a very polarizing Easter treat. I don't totally love them as is...but have you ever roasted them? They are amazing lightly roasted over an open flame. The sugar caramelizes like creme brule'. It takes on a totally different form and taste.  They are so Good. Seriously try it!

What are your Best easy entertaining tips? Peeps...love or hate? Leave in the comments below.

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  1. You are so creative Patty! I LOVED everything you made- sounds like such a blast!


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