Good Better Best Book Review--Pretty Mess by Erika Jayne

This is the second book review on Good Better Best and a very different read from my first book review. Both are women authors, although Miss Erika Jayne is very upfront about using a ghost writer, and both talk very frankly about their struggles. When I mentioned in an April post that Running Daddy gave me this and another book for my birthday, many people posted in the comments and especially on Facebook that they wanted me to let them know how the Erika Jayne book was. It was very interesting to see in those comments who Miss Erika's fans were. Here you go, here is my review of Pretty Mess by Erika Jayne.

As many of you know, I am a Bravo and especially a Housewives fan so for me, this is a Good summer read. I actually read a lot of it on a work trip on the plane and in my hotel room but a beach setting is probably even Better for this book. Grab your favorite beverage and dive into what made Erika Erika Jayne!

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I think a lot of this book Erika has shared on TV but it does give us more of an insight into her life. In true Erika style, she gives us just as much as she wants to. I didn't realize that Erika was a local child actor and model in Atlanta growing up and that her love of performing and experience in the business went back that far. Erika is not just a bored rich Housewife who decides to take up singing when the cameras roll. Heaven knows we have plenty of those and yes, I am looking at you Countess, Kim and Melissa.

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The other thing I gained insight into is that Erika is a really hard worker. Now some of her jobs are ones that I wouldn't ever see myself doing, but she did do whatever it took to support herself and her son. She goes into detail about how she met Tom Girardi, her husband of almost twenty years, while working at a restaurant. She had worked there for several years and he was a customer of hers for a while before their relationship became more personal. I think they have a Good relationship, and I am with her that you don't have to understand it for it to work with for them.

The other relationship that I found interesting and was surprised at how far back it went was with her choreographer and stylist Mickey. I thought Mikey had appeared on the scene just in time for her to hold the diamond in the opening credits but he is really the person who helped transform Mrs. Girardi into Erika Jayne many years ago. 

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Pretty Mess is a really easy read and just perfect poolside or by the beach. It probably won't change your life or help you find deeper meaning in the universe but you will probably enjoy it on a long flight. This book falls into the "I read it so you can decide if you want to" category but if you are a Housewives fan you might want to pick this up.

I have been on a little bit of a reading kick lately so hopefully I can share more book reviews on the site. Some of the books I have been into early this summer range from the fascinating to the downright life changing. 

Have you read Pretty Mess yet or do you have a Good fun book to read this summer? Leave your impressions of Miss Erika Jayne or a Good book suggestion in the comments below.

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