TBB Asks--July Vacation Edition

Happy July everyone! Typically we would be on vacation this week but we are mixing things up this year. So I am linking up with The Blended Blog  for their vacation edition.

1) Will you go on a vacation this year?

Yes, typically we would have been in Bethany Beach, DE this past week, but after 10 years we are mixing it up.  I started a new job this spring and due to the rhythm of the summer, we decided to go away in August this year. We are headed to Hilton Head, SC this summer for the first time and I cannot wait. It will be Good to change it up this year.

2) Do nothing but relax or pack it all in vacation?

I would say there will be a mix of both for us. I hear it is very easy to relax in Hilton Head due to island life but there are definitely things we want to do while we are there. We hear that there is a 5K race every Wednesday morning on the island so Hockey Guy and Running Daddy are really looking forward to that.

3) What month do you like to vacation?

Typically I would have said July, but looking forward to our August break this year.

4) Cruise: YES or NO?

My parents really enjoy cruises so I have been on many with them. To say that Running Daddy isn't into cruises would be a big understatement.

5) My Favorite vacation tradition?

I think my favorite vacation tradition is actually one that I can't really take part of because I cannot eat donuts. Running Daddy and Hockey Guy typically try to find the Best donuts at the beach every year. I think they would say that in Bethany Beach, DE the Best donuts are at the Sandy Pony donut truck. They also have a storefront in Annapolis, MD that we often go to during hockey season. The boys even took a morning road trip to get some in Annapolis for the 4th. They are that Good.

We are looking forward to finding Good donuts in Hilton Head. Feel free to send any recommendations for Good donuts there in the comments below.

6) Most memorable vacation?

I would say that probably our Best vacation as a family was when we went to Atlantis in the Bahamas for spring break a few years ago. We also had a wonderful trip to Jackson Hole and that is where Hockey Guy discovered he wanted to play hockey. We need to work on getting back to both places.

7) Pack light or pack it all?

Because our drive is much longer to Hilton Head, we are going to pack much lighter this year. We are going to rent bikes this year and have them delivered to the house and we are going to try to only bring what we need as it is a long drive.

8) Hotel, condo or house?

We used to get a condo in Bethany but in Hilton Head we are renting a small house. 

9) Favorite thing to eat on vacation?

The boys would say donuts but I think we would also say seafood. Hockey Guy discovered shrimp last summer and we are really looking forward to some shrimp and oysters in South Carolina.

10) Warm or cold destinations?

We mostly travel to warm places, but we are not opposed to traveling to a cold location.

Please leave me any Hilton Head tips you have in the comments below and I want to hear your vacation traditions.

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