The Blended Blog Asks--January 2018

It's the first Monday of the month, not really counting New Year's Day, so it's time be check in with The Blended Blog Asks. As you can imagine, this month is all about resolutions and new starts with a dash of winter fun thrown in. Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments below too.

1) Resolutions or No Resolutions?

I am all for resolutions. I mean we can all be Better, live Better, try harder can't we?

2) Love snow? No snow?

I don't mind one Good snow per year. I think with the deep freeze we have had lately we might be in for a long, cold winter. The challenge here is, they cancel school at the drop of hat...or make that the drop of one snow flake which can be a little maddening for this New England girl.

3) Name a place you want to visit this year?

Our travel plans are a little bit on hold for right now, but I am looking forward to some family trips this year once we get some things worked out.

4) Would you rather have a new hair cut or new hair color?

I am actually pretty happy with my cut and color at this point.

5) Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?

I am in the middle of something potentially really big right now and hoping this works out. Stay tuned for more details if this becomes a reality.

6) Least Favorite Thing About January?

Taking down the Christmas decorations.

7) More Favorite Thing about January?

The stillness. The calmness.The fact that everyone is back in town and has time to get together.

8) When do you take down your holiday decorations?

We did it this weekend. The ones outside will come down this weekend when it warms up.

9) Do You Diet in January?

I definitely use January as a way to hit the reset on healthy eating. I was pretty Good on my eating in December until the Friday before Christmas and then pretty much ate whatever I wanted for two solid weeks. This weekend I went back to the healthy route in the Good Better Best way.

10) What Area of Your Home Do You Want to Organize the Most?

Definitely the home office. This is a necessity this month.

11) Favorite Winter Comfort Food?

I have been making some very Good lasagna lately, so I think that is going to be our winter comfort food,

12) Favorite Guilty Pleasure?

Reality TV, but basically just Housewives and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Feel free to leave your resolutions, tips, or anything fun you have planned in the comments below. I wish you the Best 2018!


  1. I'm with you on Reality TV. My fave, however, is Southern Charm. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Katie,

      Southern Charm is my absolute favorite too...and it's also Running Daddy's favorite show as well. Thanks for taking the time to write in.


  2. I agree with the one "snow" per year ~ no need to overdo it! I'm looking forward to hearing about your BIG new project! Have a great week!

  3. I guess I could have said a guilty pleasure was binge watching. My daughter got me doing that. Can't wait to find out more about your new project. Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write in Lisa. Trying to find more time to binge watch. Maybe during a snow storm!

  4. Ugh yes, taking down the Christmas decorations is ROUGH. Our tree is still up...

    1. I still have a few more to pack away. Hopefully everything will be down by the weekend. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Lasagna is a great winter comfort food!

    1. And it's even Better the next day. Thanks for writing in! Happy 2018

  6. I'm with you on Reality T.V. ~ it's my guilty pleasure as too !

    1. It can just be so fun after a long day. Happy New Year!

  7. My tree is still up, too! I took advantage of Sunday being fairly decent to out the outdoor stuff away.

  8. Thanks for linking up with us! Fingers crossed your something big works out. I also love the stillness of January!

  9. I haven't had lasagna in forever. I should try my vegetarian one again, thanks for reminding me! I'm new to TBB.


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