Friday Favorites: NYE Outfit, The Bachelor, Tea and Bread

Happy New Year to you all! Friday Favorites has a new look today and it just brings me Joy. Hope you are all having a Good New Year so far. I have high hopes for 2018. Once again I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to talk about the things that are bringing me Joy this week.

1) My New Year's Eve Outfit

We had a fun get together on New Year's Eve with lots of food, games and cheer. I wanted to wear something fun but casual and this outfit was a really Good choice.

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You all know how much I am loving Loft over the last year and these velvet skinny jeans are just so perfect. I love them so much that I ordered both colors. If you are in between sizes in these, I would size up. I am typically a 6/8 in pants and the 8 were just perfect.

This Cabi sweater is asymmetrical and has D rings in the back you can pull tighter or looser. The split neck gives the illusion of a turtleneck but you can wear a necklace with it.

My booties were a Good choice because it was so cold but they added a bit of style as well. 

I topped it all off with Clinique Pink Chocolate lipstick. I love a pinky brown lipstick.

2) This Super Sweet Tumbler

My lovely friend bought me this sweet tumbler that really is a Good reminder of my life right now. It holds both hot and cold liquids and Dancing Granny bought me a similar Corkcicle one for Christmas. I have used them for both tea and wine and they really do keep your favorite beverages hot and cold for a loooong time.

3) The Bachelor Season 22

I have watched every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since it first premiered. Not sure if I should be proud of that or not...ok I am proud of it. I am an Arie fan and I hope that I still will be when this season is over.

We had a friend over on for the premier on Monday night and even let Hockey Guy watch episode one because it was very tame...he will not be watching anything else from here on out. When they showed the preview for the season, Hockey Guy looked at me and said..."when they get to the episode when the girl's boyfriend comes back for her, you have to tell me who that is." And this is why this show has been on for 35 seasons total! Happy Janu-Arie!

4) Tastefully Simple Beer Bread

Gluten-Free Beer Bread Mix Prepared
Photo courtesy of Tastefully Simple

I have been using Tastefully Simple products consistently for a little over a year now and really like them. They are known for their beer bread mix and I can attest that the Gluten Free Beer Bread is just as Good as the regular. We had a friend over for chili on New Year's Day to kick off the new Bachelor season and served this beer bread. No one could believe that this was gluten free. It went really well with the chili and was a Good change up from the traditional corn bread.

5) Jasmine Green Tea

I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. Mainly because it is very soothing to me and seems less filling at times. It's also freezing out around here. I really like my tea kinda fruity or flowery and I think that Jasmine green tea is becoming my favorite. I have been drinking a lot of it during this cold snap.

So those are my favorites for the beginning of 2018. I am so ready for what this year has to bring.

Have the Best weekend!


  1. I am so interested in those velvet pants! FUN! I love the Bachelor too.

    1. The velvet pants are a Good alternative to jeans or cords. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a Good weekend!


  2. Love the outfit- Happy New Year!

  3. I was a faithful Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher for several years and then quit when I felt it was so scripted. My daughter was watching this summer when she was home so I watched quite a bit with her. I may tune in again this season once they pair down some of the girls. Thanks for sharing about the beer bread. I know so many people who are gluten free and it's nice to know a good alternative. Happy New Year, Patty!


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