How We Wednesday: Goals/Resolutions

It's Wednesday and I am back in 2018 to link up with Shay of Mix and Match Mama and Erika from a Little Bit of Everything for their new link up called How We. This month we are talking about how we do goals/resolutions for 2018.

I love New Year's and part of it is because I met Running Daddy at a New Year's Day party fourteen years ago. I also really love New Year's because it is a time to stop and reflect about how we can all do life a little Better. I mean we can all be Better, live Better and love Better, can't we. This is not a time to beat ourselves up, it is just a time to hit reset. Here is what I am working on in 2018.

Eating Healthy

I was pretty Good during the holidays but I do have to admit that from basically the Friday before Christmas until this past Friday, so for two solid weeks, I ate whatever I wanted. I had Chick Fil A twice, I enjoyed the Buffalo chicken dip and ate all of the gluten free desserts that I wanted. Once this weekend hit, I knew I had to get back on track.

Frankly, I like the weight I am at right now. Not even just weight, but I like the way my clothes fit at the moment and the way that I look, so that is Good enough for me. The main thing is to just keep things this way buy making sure that I am walking our dog as far as I can when the weather is not freezing and following the Good Better Best eating principals. This focus on healthy vs. diet I think is a much Better way to live.

Do More of What Makes You Happy 

My friend bought me this super sweet wine tumbler for Christmas, you can actually put hot liquid such as tea in this as well. It pretty much sums up what I am really trying to focus on right now. Over the last couple of years I have really wished that my life was a little easier, I could have more control over our schedule and that I could live a little differently. I am currently working on this, praying some things are going to come to fruition and knowing that things will work out exactly how God believes is the Best for me. 

Image result for psalm143.8

Shay from Mix and Match Mama also talked in a recent post about her daily gratitude journal. I think this is an awesome idea and I have decided to do this as well. I looked into an app but that is frankly not me. I would rather write down five things that I am grateful for every day the old fashioned way. Whether you use the up or write it down, I think is is a really Good idea. No matter how your day has been, no matter what you are walking through right now, you can find five things every day to be grateful for, even if they are things like the perfect peppermint mocha. Anyone want to join me in this?

Running Daddy has been working a little on this too. He has worked so hard over the last year and has really been working on taking a moment for a little more fun. We have had a deep freeze for this area over the last week and the little creek across the street from our house froze solid. The boys, two legged and four legged, like to go walk in the woods and once Running Daddy deemed the creek frozen safely, they walked across the frozen creek. On Sunday, after they walked our dog down there, Running Daddy told Hockey Guy to go grab his skates. Hockey Guy did his first creek hockey session and he just loved it. He said it was one of the Best days of his life and that the ice felt totally different. Yes, this is Do More of What Makes You Happy.

"I'm Not Taking This On"

Many of you know that I am a fan of the podcast "Bitch Sesh" and even saw Danielle and Casey live last summer. This fall while Casey was on maternity leave, Danielle had on the lovely June Diane Raphael as a guest on the podcast and June Diane talked about her mantra of "I'm Not Taking This On." Wow. Even though this is a comedy podcast and about the Housewives and all things Bravo, quite often something on this podcast really speaks to me. I much like Danielle, didn't know I didn't have to take things on, that it was a choice. And it wasn't just me that was impacted by this, so many of their listeners were saying "I'm Not Taking This On." This year, I am going to try to stop taking on things I don't want to. It is such a Good life lesson from a surprise source. These ladies are the Best. To hear the clip, click here.

Those are my goals for 2018 and I think it is a pretty Good list. Feel free to leave your thoughts, goals and resolutions in the comments below.

Have the Best 2018.


  1. Love that mug and love your goals Patty- best of luck with them this year! I am thinking of starting a Weekly Gratitude/Thankful Thursday monthly linkup this year- let me know if you may have any interest co-hosting!

    1. Thanks Holly. Happy New Year. I would love to be a co-host of that link up. Email me at and I will try to send you a note too!

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