Friday Favorites:Kids Clothing, Eclipse Mania, National Dog Day, Thursdays on the Corner and a Trip Home

This is our last week before back to school. I know many of you are already in and some of you don't go back until after Labor Day. No matter where you are in the back to school process, if it even applies to you, Friday is here so that means today I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites. Here's what I am finding Joy in this week.

1) Sensory Friendly Clothing from Cat & Jack:

Last week Target announced that they will have a line of Cat & Jack kids clothing that is designed exclusively for kids with sensory processing sensitivity. The lead designer's child has autism so she is very aware of what would make this line a perfect fit for this under served market. The line has flat seams, no tags and one dimensional designs to help with comfort and of course because it is Cat & Jack, the designs are the Best.

Target Cat & Jack

To learn more about the Cat & Jack Design for All sensory friendly collection check out this article. To view the full collection or to purchase click here. Designing cute, affordable clothing for special needs families is a really Good thing. Way to go Target!

****Disclosure-even though I work at Target in Government Relations, all opinions are my own.

2) Eclipse Mania:

We had a little eclipse mania in our house. A friend of mine had two spare pair of glasses and we got together with our neighbors to watch the big show. We had glasses, old school box finders and the dogs ran around like crazy. It was a really Good time.

Did you catch the eclipse where you live? What did you think?

Eclipse glasses on and Good to go

3) National Dog Day:

Tomorrow is National Dog Day! Our dog Stormy has really brought a lot of Joy into our lives since we adopted him two years ago. He is a lot of fun, at times a handful, and has been a really Good friend for Hockey Guy. To learn more about our life with Stormy and the benefits of dog ownership check out this post from earlier this month. 

Do you have a dog in your family?  Be sure to tell me about the dog in your life and how he/she brings you Joy in the comments below.

4) Thursdays on the Corner:

Speaking of dogs, I was going to do another fall fashion piece today but was having too Good a time last night at Thursdays on the Corner. What are Thursdays on the Corner? Well about three to four weeks ago I was getting ready to walk our dog and our neighbors who just returned from being in Brazil for three years suggested that instead of walking our dog, I should join them for a glass of wine and just let our dogs play. We have basically been doing that every Thursday since. The kids hang out, the dogs play, and the adults socialize and everyone has the Best time. Sometimes we grill something, this week we had sausage, brats, and hot dogs, and sometimes it's just some appetizers. It is very low key and we are trying to keep it that way. Just a Good way to ease into the end of the week.

5) A trip home and the Best pizza:

This past weekend we took a trip home to see my parents in Massachusetts. It was a quick trip with lots of early morning travel but we had the Best time. Hockey Guy got to spend some time with my Dad who had a big birthday this year and we just kind of hung out. We did get to go and get what I believe is the Best pizza on earth from the Town Spa in Stoughton. There is only one and they now have gluten free pizza. This pizza taste exactly like the original which has a very distinct crust. The Best pizza and time with our family...pure Joy.

The Best gluten free pizza

We head back to school on Monday so we will be getting ready for that this weekend and we start pre-season skate on Sunday! Good luck to everyone who is starting school next week and extra hugs to the moms whose kids are starting school for the first time or even college this week. Embrace the Joy this time.

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