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T Lish

Today I am reviewing some really Good and healthy salad dressings and marinades from T'Lish. T'Lish was born in the kitchen of Tiffany Denson as Christmas gifts for family and friends. Several years later, Tiffany began selling her dressings in a local pants store in Alabama and now we are all lucky enough to be able to enjoy them too. This is a really Good product made without any of the bad stuff--I am looking at you GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredients.  Four out of five of her products are also gluten free. 

Tiffany was kind enough to send me all five of her products to sample and here is how I tested them.

Classic Cesar Dressing
Classic Caesar Single.jpg
We recently had a family party that was a pot luck. I decided to bring a build your own shrimp Cesar salad with all the fixings featuring T'Lish Classic Cesar. This is a really Good Cesar dressing for those in our lives who don't like creamy salad dressing because it is oil based. It has a light garlic flavor and unlike most commercial dressings, it is not gummy.

Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette

Sweet Garlic Single.jpg
I used the Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette as both a marinade and then a sauce in the same dish. Hockey Guy is on a shrimp kick, so I decided to marinate some shrimp in the Sweet Garlic and then grill them for a quick dinner. This was so Good that this is going to be on the rotation for our weeknight dinners once school is back in. Running Daddy also added a little bit extra once his meal was plated over the shrimp and jasmine rice. I also marinated boneless chicken breasts in Sweet Garlic and the Asian Sesame and honestly I am not sure that I have used another product that tenderizes chicken as well as T'Lish. No chicken hockey pucks when you use T'Lish.

Grilled Shrimp with Sweet Garlic

Asian Sesame

Asian Sesame Single.jpg
Since I am unable to eat gluten, this was the only one I could not personally test. I took a little bit on my fingertip and it also smells so Good. I made grilled chicken breasts for Running Daddy using Asian Sesame as a marinade and they were a total hit. Running Daddy said that this would even be Better with stir fried vegetables. I definitely had food envy.

Asian Sesame Chicken Breasts

Chipotle Single.jpg
This Chipotle is smoky and sweet and creates really Good grill marks on both chicken and steak. We first tested it on flank steak for Fajita Sunday and then again during the week on chicken breasts. T'Lish really does have an amazing ability to tenderize meat and works well even when it is marinating only an hour or so.

Flank steak with T'Lish Chipotle

Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue Single.jpg

This is one of the Best barbecue sauces I have ever tasted...period. Just the right amount of vinegar base, spices and sweetness without it being  gummy or too vinegary. We tested the Barbecue sauce for rib night, well for Ribs and Rose night which is an awesome combination and one that we need to keep going this summer. I made my ribs the way I typically make them, directions here, and then served them with the sauce. Running Daddy chose to pour the sauce over the ribs while I am more of a dipper. I also have put this on a turkey burger and it adds just the right amount of interest to the turkey burger which can be a little bland on it's own.This is the Barbecue sauce I will be keeping in the Good Better Best kitchen from now on.

T'Lish ribs and dry rose'--the Best combination

T'Lish will be in my kitchen from now on because Tiffany has created a really Good product that helps make dinner healthy and easy to get on the table. I can't wait to continue to try new combinations with T'Lish. Want to try T'Lish on your own? T'Lish products are available in select stores through the southeast or on the T'Lish website.

***Tiffany was kind enough to send me samples to try but all opinions are my own.

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