Friday Favorites: Nordstrom Sale, Summer Movies, More Shopping and World of Dance

Can you believe it is August already? Friday is finally here so that means today I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday favorites. Here's what I am finding Joy in this week.

1) Cars 3:

We love the Cars movies in the Good Better Best household. With both Running Daddy and Hockey Guy being big gear heads these movies are totally for them. Hockey Guy basically grew up with Cars. 

Disney Pixar animation movie film animated GIF

I was working from home on Monday and Running Daddy sent me a text suggesting we go see Cars 3 that night. We are totally behind on our summer movie schedules and needed a little Lightening McQueen in our lives. This movie is so Good and way Better than the second one. Dare I say that is is almost as Good as the first one? The animation is just amazing and I really didn't know what was going to happen at the end. If you haven't see it yet, try to get out this weekend and catch this awesome movie.

2) Nordstrom Sale:

Since we are in the process of starting to put the house back together after the renovation especially the basement/family room, my eye and my budget has really been on home furnishings. Even though I am really focusing on our house in the shopping department, I did manage to pick up two things from the Nordstrom sale online.

The first is the Gibson tie front pullover that I am hoping I can dress up for work and then also style for jeans on the weekend. I chose the burgundy in a small as burgundy is one of my best colors but this shirt comes in array of colors if they have it in stock in your size. This is back ordered in my size and color until October, but with the weather around here, I won't really be wearing it until then anyway. When it arrives in October it will be a really fun surprise too!

Next up is the MAC Look in a Box Saint No Angel Mini Lip Kit. I am sure if you have been reading this blog for even a little while you are thinking...does this woman really need another brownish pink lipstick? Isn't that all she wears? The answers to these questions are Yes and Sort of.  I really loved these colors and at $26.50 for two MAC lipsticks and two Lipglass...well it was too Good a deal to pass up.

I also really wanted these shoes, but hesitated and now I think my size is sold out. I am new to the whole Chuck Taylor world and was really unsure of my size. I have heard they run way big and they do have a 7.5 in stock, but I wear an 8.5 in a regular shoe so I am not sure if they will fit. If anyone has any experience on sizing with Chuck Taylors, could you help a gal out and leave your advice in the comment section? These would look so Good with my fall weekend wardrobe.

3) Tax Free Weekend:

This weekend in our state is tax free weekend, meaning we do not pay sales tax on any school supply under $20 and any clothing and shoes under $100. Even though Hockey Guy wears a uniform, he has really grown a lot this summer so I will be ordering new uniforms this weekend. We will also head out and get him some basics like socks as well as shoes. I love tax free weekend and it is so Good for our state economy.

4) Cove and Creek Outfitters:

Speaking of cute clothes, I did a piece on a new retailer called Cove and Creek last weekend. They have really Good classically preppy items and I love their logo. 

Keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook page because they post the Best sales and photos on there that will make you want to head down to the water right now. To learn more about Cove and Creek check out my blog post here.

Cove and Creek + Land Cruiser=Instant Classic 

5) World of Dance-Eva vs. Diana

I think that World of Dance is the Best show on TV right now...period. This week there was the final two in each category to see who goes to the finals and the Junior Division was just a nail biter. Eva Igo vs. Diana Pombo was a showdown that was not to be missed. Hockey Guy and I didn't want either one to go as we really like them both equally, but in the end it worked out like it should.

Check out these talented ladies here. This show has brought me so much Joy this summer. I cannot wait for the finals.

So those are my Friday Favorites this week but I wanted to send everyone a little back to school Joy. I know a lot of people are getting ready for their kids to go back to school and many teachers are getting ready to start their school year again. I wish you all the Best of luck getting ready. To all the moms out there whose little ones are headed to Kindergarten for the first's all Good, I promise.

Have the Best weekend!


  1. Great picks.

  2. Hi Regine,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Hope you are having the Best weekend!



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