Monthly Musings June 2024: Summer Travel and Traditions


Hey there Besties! I am starting this post with an apology. Do you see the graphic above? Yup, there are two questions marked #3. At this point, I am not going to fix it because it will cause even more confusion for the writers who link up with us. Therefore people can answer either question marked #3 or even both. 

This is what happens when I work on a graphic at 5:30 a.m. the morning we were hosting Hockey Guy's graduation party. Holly is a very patient co-host.

Now that my confessional is out of the way, let's talk about summer travel and traditions. If you also participated in Monthly Musings, link up with us and try to visit the other writers listed below.

1. Share Your Summer Plans

Our summer is going to look a little different this summer with Hockey Guy going to college later this summer. We are headed to orientation this weekend and then we will spend this summer getting everything ready for him to go to school.

We are also going to try to spend as much time as possible together and let him spend time with his friends.

While we typically go to Hilton Head every summer, we are looking to do that possibly in the fall when Hockey Guy has a break.

2. What are Your Summer Traditions?

Besides going to Hilton Head and spending time at our pool, we don't have a ton of summer traditions. We take the summer as our life evolves and that works for us.

3. (#1) What is Your Favorite Summer Destination

In the summer, there is no place I would rather be than in Hilton Head at the Sea Pines Resort. Frankly, I want to be there any time of the year.

3. (#2) Do You Prefer the Ocean or the Lake?

I love the ocean and especially the South Carolina beaches, but I could also be very happy with some lake time. We spent a lot of my childhood summers on Lake Winnipesaukee because my parents had a pretty sizable boat on the lake.  Running Daddy is not really up for a lake vacation in the summer and that's ok. 

4. Do You Have Any Pool Time Planned?

Since we belong to a pool in our neighborhood, we always have pool time planned. I need to try and get there this weekend because it has been a few weeks since I made it over. We are also looking forward to going to the pool for their annual Fourth of July event.

5. Best Travel or Packing Tips

My number one travel tip if you are renting a house or a condo, is to do laundry the last night while you are packing things up. Doing this ensures you actually go home with clean clothes and cuts down on the dreaded mound of laundry after the trip.

6. Favorite Summer Movie

There are so many Good summer movies. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

-Top Gun
-A Summer Place 
-The Parent Trap 
-Ferris Bueller's Day Off
-Raiders of the Lost Ark

7. Beverage that Says Summer to You

I love an Aperol spritz but once it arrives at the table, I like to give it a stir and let it sit. I find that it helps the flavors blend.

I also love my Skinny Colada recipe. This cocktail is so Good when you want the taste of the islands without the heaviness and the calories.

I am typically a wine drinker but the two cocktails I shared here are ones I really love.

8. What Songs Say Summer to You?

-Boys of Summer by Don Henley
-Blue Tacoma by Russell Dickerson
-Southbound by Carrie Underwood
-Love Look What You've Done to Me by Boz Scaggs

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's lists of songs. I need to add some to a playlist. 

9. What Do You Like on Your Burgers or Hot Dogs?

I love avocado on a burger. I know it is a random topping but you really should try it. 

10. Charcoal or Gas Grill?

We are all about the gas grill at our house. Running Daddy is the one that grills at our house, I don't even know how to turn it on. 

That's a wrap on Monthly Musings. I looking forward to the fun of summer that the other writers will share with us too.

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  1. Our summer plans sound very similar! I always try to find a vacation rental with washer and dryer and we do laundry every night so we can pack less and with the 5 of us the laundry doesn't pile up as fast.

  2. No need to confess or apologize- you are the best! This will be on special summer for you- hope you enjoy every moment together- thinking of you XO

  3. I live in SC, the Upstate not the coast but it's not far and I do love Hilton Head especially. We are on a lake so spend the whole summer in the water and on the boat, floating with friends, and napping on the porches. Enjoy your summer with your soon to be college student! An exciting and emotional time for all!

  4. I didn't even notice there were two #3s and I skipped one of them! LOL I agree with you on grilling being hubby's job, although that's one reason I lean towards the gas grill - I do know how to turn it on, while I am not sure I'd do a good job of getting a charcoal grill going. Hope your summer is full of all your favorite things!


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