Friday Favorites: June 14, 2024: Summer Song, a Good podcast, the Morning Show and Throwback Favorite Sneakers


Happy Friday Besties! I am back on this almost summer Friday. I have been away from this space for a little bit because this has been a wonderful season of our lives with Hockey Guy graduating and that is where my entire focus has been for the last few weeks. It feels so Good to take a moment to link up with Erika and Andrea and shared my Friday Favorites. Pour your favorite beverage and join me for Friday Favorites today.

1. I Had Some Help

This is probably going to be the song of the summer in our house. You can't help but be in a Good mood when you listen to this song.

Enjoy this song as you head into the weekend.

2. The Competition

I somehow stumbled upon the podcast The Competition by Shima Oliaee. Shima brough is the co-creator of Dolly Parton's America and her new podcast explores the Distinguished Young Women program.

For those who are not familiar with Distinguished Young Women, it used to be called America's Junior Miss and takes place every summer in Mobile, AL and is one of largest scholarship programs for young women. Shima competed in the program in 2001 and returned in 2022 as a judge. 

The podcast follows the changes in the program, what is like to be a judge in a program like this, what is like to be a contestant in a competition with so many other accomplished young woman and most importantly, what it is like to be a young woman in America in the summer of 2022.

If you need a new podcast, check this out. 

3. The Morning Show 

We just got Apple TV through my cell phone provider and I know I am about five years late to this show but wow, is this Good! This show was not what I thought it was going to be when I gave it a try. I thought this show was going to be light and funny...this is a great drama.

We all love Reese but who knew that Jennifer Aniston was this Good of an actor? We love her in all of the lighthearted comedies she does, but this is by far her Best role. This is the show I will be binging and getting caught up on this summer. 

4. Tretorns

I wanted to get a new pair of casual sneakers, tennis shoes if you will, and there are a lot of options out there. I decided to revisit an old friend and bought a pair of Tretorns. I forgot how much I love these shoes. The pair I just got are so comfortable and I love that they are not clunky.

Twice over the last few weeks when I have been wearing them, Hockey Guy commented how much he liked them. They are great for days when I do a lot of walking too. I sized up a half a size as I typically do when I buy sneakers. 

That wraps up my Friday Favorites this week. I am so ready for the weekend. How about you?


  1. Great song! Such a happy time for you all! LOVE Tretorns- so glad they are coming back :)

  2. I love that Post Malone song too! It is such a cheery song.
    It's good when you are late to watching a show. Apple TV is the only subscription service I have never subscribed to. I think I need to.

  3. Tretorns! Brought me back to my high school days ;)


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