Hello Monday-June 2024 Monthly Musings Topics


Good Monday morning! Popping in here real quick because we had Hockey Guy's graduation party yesterday. Linking up with Holly and Sarah  today for Hello Monday to share the topics for Thursday's Monthly Musings.

For June we will be sharing our Summer Travel and Traditions. Grag our graphic, link back to Holly and me and share all of your favorite summer traditions and travel tips.

I will see you back here on Thursday for Monthly Musings, or maybe even Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday if my week cooperates!


  1. Yess! Can't wait my friend and this is one of my faves of the year!

  2. I can't wait to participate on Thursday. I noticed that you have two different questions for #3.

    1. Eek. That was a Good catch. I worked on this very early one morning. I will fix the graphic and you can choose whichever #3 question you like.

    2. Sigh. I appreciate you pointing this out. This is what happens when I work on the graphic way too early in the morning. I may cause more confusion if I edit it, so feel free to answer either one or both.


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