Monthly Musings April 2024: All Things Spring


Oh Besties, I am so loving spring this year. I always love spring but there is something about spring 2024 that is really making me notice all of the flowers, colors and gorgeous weather this time around.

My spring mood is perfect for Monthly Musings because Holly and I are joining the talented women who participate in this monthly linkup for all things spring.  Are you ready? I sure am!

1. Favorite thing about spring?

This year, and almost every year, I am all about the flowers. I love to drive through Old Town and other parts of our neighborhood and just take in people's flowers. I am super proud of some of the flowers that I have planted, transplanted and helped cultivate over the years.

Below are some of the flowers from seasons past in our yard. I had to use photos from previous years because I got home too late to take photos and it was already dark out.

2. What are your spring traditions?

We typically host Easter but did not do that this year because we were celebrating our friend who made the commitment to become Catholic this Easter.

We also have a few spring birthdays. My mom and I have our birthday in April and the Running Daddy has a birthday in May.

Some years we try to go to the Mount Vernon Wine Festival which is held at the Mount Vernon estate which is in our neighborhood. There are multiple Virginia wineries there and if the weather is Good it is so fun to sit out on the big lawn and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. We have also been there and have been huddled in the tent with friends when it was raining so hard it was raining sideways. No matter what the weather it is typically a fun night.

3. Favorite spring outfits?

I really love a Lilly popover. They just give a little lift to a causal outfit.

I also love a white jean in the spring. I got the Democracy jeans below and I am wearing them every chance I get. I love the touch of raw hem at the bottom. They are also under $50 so you can't do Better than that!

4. Favorite springtime meal?

We are always looking to put something on the grill when the weather is nice. Running Daddy will always grill for me and that is super helpful. I love to sit outside and chat with Running Daddy or throw the ball to Stormy while he grills. It is one of my favorite ways to wind down.

5. Spring or loathe?

My answer is that it totally depends. I don't mind a Good, quick spring shower that washes the pollen away and gives the plants a soaking that they so need. I also don't mind the rain where it all smells fresh afterwards. What I do mind are those stretches where it does nothing but rain for days.

6. Favorite spring flower?

Even though this is my question, it is like asking me to pick a favorite child (if I had more than one). I really love them all. I love to watch them come up in waves with each species taking turns.

If I had to pick, I would choose both peonies and hydrangeas because those were our wedding flowers. I have them both in my yard and they just make me happy. I am also a rare bird that quietly talks to my flowers.

The flowers above are from our yard and were taken a few years ago. It's not quite hydrangea season yet!

7. Do you get seasonal allergies? Best remedies please!

For me, it depends on the year if I get seasonal allergies or not and there is no rhyme or reason to my allergies. Right now I am doing ok in the allergy department but Running Daddy is having a heck of a time this week.

One thing that I did for Running Daddy was run some essential oils the other night and it did seem to help his cough. I really like the Revive oils and ran Immunity Boost for him. They also have some that are supposed to help with allergies, but I had the Immunity Boost in the house so that is what I used.

We will definitely take any other allergy remedies that you have in the comment section below.  

8. Favorite springtime beverage?

As always, I like a very cold glass of white wine, preferably on our patio as a spring beverage.

9. Do you change your home decor for spring?

I do decorate for Easter a bit but I don't really decorate for spring in the same way that I embrace fall decor. 

10. Lemon meringue pie or strawberry shortcake?

I am going to say neither. I don't dislike either one but they just don't jump out at me. The other challenge is gluten but when I did eat gluten I could take or leave both. I do think they are both pretty.

Ok, now it is your turn to link up with us or check out the other talented writers who share this space with Holly and me every month. I hope that you are taking the time to embrace all the beauty of spring. If you have been busy with spring activities, work or other of life's priorities, I hope you will take this as a reminder to stop and enjoy the beauty of spring all around you.

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  1. I didn't think of white wine as a spring beverage, but sipping a cold glass while on a nice patio or deck is a favorite thing. I'm going to try and make our patio area more hospitable to that sort of thing this year. :-) Also agree that while some rain is nice, too many days in a row and it's just gloomy. Thanks for hosting this link-up!

  2. Those are two of my favorite flowers too; though honestly I have so many "favorites" when it comes to flowers and even flowering trees like the weeping cherry put a smile on my face. Your garden flowers are lovely!

  3. The grilled food, white jeans and hydrangeas are some of my favorites too! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  4. I love those two flowers, too! That is a good pair of white jeans! I am hoping to bring my boys to Mount Vernon this summer. They haven't been yet and I think it will be a great day trip!

  5. Oh your flowers are so beautiful and your spring outfit is on point- yes please to all Lilly and the popover with white jeans is one of my faves too- we are kindred spirits!


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