What's Up Wednesday-April 2024


Wow April what a month. You brought us my birthday, spring weather, a bit of travel and a whole lot of fun. April has been a Good month so far. Because it is the last Wednesday of April I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for What's Up Wednesday. This linkup is a little food, a little fashion, what I was watching and what I was wearing in April. Embrace this spring weather and join me for What's Up Wednesday April 2024.

What We Are Eating This Week

Monday-Greek meatballs, quinoa, roasted vegetables and garlic breadsticks for the boys

Tuesday-Tacos, black beans and salad

Wednesday-Baked chicken thighs, rice and veggies

Thursday-Shrimp scampi, noodles and salad

Friday-Some type of take-out

What I'm Reminiscing About

Because Hockey Guy made his decision about college, I have been thinking a lot about where we were at this point last year. We were in the visiting and planning stage, and I knew that when we hit this point in 2024, we would know where he would go to college. The funny thing is, at this point last year, his school choice was not even on his radar screen. We have learned so much about the current application process over the last year. I am so proud of the progress Hockey Guy has made.

I also know that God has been pointed him in this direction all along. He had a plan for Hockey Guy and we just needed to listen to the signs He was sending us. His plan isn't always our plan but his plan is always Better. 

What I'm Loving

I am really loving spring this year. I am not sure what it is, but I am really paying attention to all of the spring beauty around us. Running Daddy and I, but especially Running Daddy, has been working really hard on our yard and it is really starting to pay off.

I am also loving seeing where all of the kids that we care about end up for college and start the next chapter of their lives. 

What We've Been Up To

April has been an eventful month. This month was my birthday and also my mom's. My amazing girlfriends took me to dinner for my birthday last week and I was surrounded by a dozen amazing women. 

Hockey Guy had an amazing trip with the golf team over spring break. He had two full days of golf. They had a lot of fun even though the weather didn't cooperate.

There was also an eclipse this month, but frankly I could not have been less interested!

Last weekend, we visited a school that Hockey Guy was accepted to but we had not visited yet. WOW! What a place. We had an amazing visit. We met with the business school, had a campus tour, and some other meetings. A dear friend of mine retired in the town where this university is and got us tickets last minute to the college baseball game that night. The weather was perfect and I have to say, there is nothing like SEC baseball. A total win of a weekend, and we feel so Good that this school is now Hockey Guy's choice.   

What I'm Dreading

Honestly, there are so many Good things around the corner that I am not dreading anything at the moment. 

What I'm Working On

At the moment I am working on graduation plans and also the last few weeks of school.

One major thing I am working on is not getting caught up in the madness of these college dorm Facebook pages. Um, college-age moms...have you seen this madness? I realized that I was starting to literally have anxiety looking at these multi-university pages. For now I unenrolled from them and am now focusing on the ones that are specific to his university. There are people out there purchasing their own mattresses and major furniture for college dorms. I kid you not. Stop the madness.

Note-if you are a moms that purchased your own mattress for you kid for a college dorm and hired an interior decorator, hey...you do you...I just cannot wrap my head around this. And also...#boymom.

What I'm Excited About

I am honestly excited about the next chapter in all of our lives. We love where Hockey Guy is going to go to college and I have so many people in so many stages of my life that are connected to this university.

I am excited about the next few weeks and watching Hockey Guy end one chapter and begin the next. These are all kids who started high school pre-vaccine COVID, in masks, in a hybrid schedule. We were lucky to be attending school at least part-time in person. I am excited that is behind them and they are ready to start their next adventures. 

What I'm Watching/Reading

Anyone else feel like there is not a lot on these days, or is it just me?

Hockey Guy and I watched Buying Beverly Hills and this season was actually pretty Good. Besides the Kyle drama, this show details a little more realistically how hard it is to put together a real estate deal when you are starting out as an agent. 

I also checked out The Baxters on Prime. I like it, I don't love it. I like Roma Downey and Ted McGinley and the rest of the cast is Good. This is a show that you can totally fold laundry while watching.

Besties, I need some suggestions for shows. Hit me with your recommendations in the comments. 

I am slowly finishing a book that I have been working on for a while. I am hoping to get back to reading this summer.

What I'm Listening To

Recently I am listening to a lot of Morgan Wallen and like everyone else on the planet, Taylor Swift on repeat.

I have tried oh so hard to listen to the Tori Spelling podcast MisSpelling and yes Besties, it is as big a mess as you think it would be. I got through the first two episodes but when she got to the episode about her storage units...I just couldn't. I cannot deal with a grown adult, with five children, who is such a mess. I also think that she thinks it's cute that she is a mess, maybe at 22 it was cute at age 50 it is just annoying. Listen at your own risk.

What I'm Wearing

I did a lot of shopping in March to replace work items that I needed to replace and I have been wearing those on repeat. I detailed most of those in the March issue of What's Up Wednesday. You can check those out here.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Running Daddy and I are almost done weeding and mulching.  I think we will spend a majority of the weekend finishing up yard work. 

This weekend is also the plant sale at Mount Vernon. Running Daddy and I went two years ago and bought our fig tree. We are hoping to run up there on Saturday if we have time.

What I Am Looking Forward to Next Month

Running Daddy has a birthday in May so I am looking forward to celebrating him.

I am most looking forward to graduation and all of the festivities surrounding graduation.

What Else is New

Tomorrow is Monthly Musings, the linkup that Holly and I host. For April we will be talking about all things spring. I hope that you will join us as a writer, reader or both. 

If you would like to share your own Monthly Musings, follow the prompts in the graphic below, grab our graphic, link back to Holly and me in your post and then link up with us.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope to see you back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings.


  1. Can't wait to follow along with the college adventures- YEAH! See you tomorrow friend XO

  2. So happy for all the goodness happening in your life. God Bless.

  3. Yay for Hockey Guy choosing-- it sound like you had an incredible visit! My husband was surprised to hear that we even had to buy sheets and towels; he was ready to send Alec off with some clothes and a laptop. LOL So, NO, we will not be buying furniture or anything crazy like that but I definitely plan to write up a spreadsheet and check things off because I'm pretty sure Alec would just shrug and be fine with "whatever" but I am much too type A for that.


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