Friday Favorites: May 5, 2023- Cute Pants, Forever Judy Blume, a new Trader Joe's Dip and Good Lip Balm


Ahhhh Friday, so Good to see you. This wasn't a bad week, I just really need the weekend. I am in the middle of planning two big receptions next week and just looking forward to some downtime. Today for Friday Favorites, I have a list of simple Joys. A Good pair of pants, a documentary that warmed my heart and also got me thinking, a delightful dip for all of your spring entertaining, and a lip balm that works and tastes great. What could be Better than that?

Join me as I link up with Erika and Andrea for today's Friday Favorites. 

1. Judy Blume Forever

I actually had a few hours to myself last weekend and while I folded the laundry I caught the Judy Blume Forever documentary on Amazon Prime.  I am definitely of the age where I read some of her books but have not read them all. I am also of an age where Judy Blume was considered very controversial and talked about on the nightly news and the talk shows that were so popular in the 1980's.

I am still one of those people that has not read Forever even at my age, but gosh did people talk about it in school. I also remember people losing their ever-loving minds when she started to write adult fiction because what if children got their hands on her books that were for adults? Heaven forbid that this woman have success in two genres of literature.

Several things struck me in this documentary and got me thinking. The first is how this woman, who didn't have a background as a teacher or child psychologist really got kids. I think that is what made her a hit, despite the fact that there are things that are antiquated in her books like rotary phones, give her stories staying power today. She was a mom, who was a storyteller who was able to tell the story of what most kids have been thinking since she launched her books in the 1970's. 

It also really has been thinking about "book banning." We are still talking about it in 2023. For those of you that haven't picked up on it, I am a pretty conservative person in the traditional sense of the word, not what some people have twisted it to become over the last decade. I try to lead with love, understanding and kindness. What stayed really relevant, unlike having a house phone in her books, is that for me, if parents don't want their kids to read a certain author, or certain books by an author, or watch a certain show or movie, they should have that conversation and make those decisions in their own household. It's not really up to me to make that decision for other people. This piece got me thinking about book banning on a quiet Sunday, something that I hadn't thought about in a long time but is creeping up in our nightly news.

The main thing that struck me about this documentary is what a kind person Judy Blume is. From all of the talk shows and news pieces growing up, she was portrayed as this woman who wrote about sex for kids and then wrote racey adult books. I think what really has given her staying power into this day and age when you can have any type of media on your phone, is her warmth. Her warmth shone brightly in this piece and the impact she had on people kind of blew me away.

Besties, you should check this documentary out. It's one part, ninety minutes. Feel free to watch age appropriately with your kids, up to do you to decide at what age, as it will really get you thinking and really get you feeling. 

2. Loft Utility Joggers

Shop the Look

We go from deep feelings about a documentary to casual pants I also have deep feelings about! I love these pants. I bought them in white and they are so cute and comfortable.

These pants can go from running errands, to casual Friday at work (how I am wearing them today) to a night around the fire pit, these pants go the distance. The Best part these pants are currently half off! I found them to run true to size and I took my usual pant size of a size 6.

3. Trader Joe's Syrah Soaked Toscano Cheese Dip

This was a total impulse buy Besties, which is so easy to do at Trader Joe's and this Toscano Cheese Dip is crazy Good.  They show it all fancy schmancy above with crusty bread, but Running Daddy and I ate it with tortilla chips this week because that is what he had on hand.

The Trader Joe's website says that this is a limited item but I think we need to flood their Twitter with requests to make this dip a permanent staple. This will be perfect this summer for the pool and can even elevate your usual cheese board.

4. Sephora Lip Balm in Lychee

My final item today is the Sephora Lip Balm in Lychee. There are so many things to love about this little lip balm. I need lip balm at all times. Before I go to bed, when I get into the car, basically I am a lip balm addict. Due to my health problems lip balm is also a necessity for me and some work Better than others.

So far I am sure impressed with this product. It is nice and creamy with a hint of shine. I also love the way it smells/tastes. The other fun feature is that the tube is made of cardboard. I love that green feature. This is a really high-quality item for around $7.00.

I think it has finally stopped raining so I am really looking forward to the weekend. I am also getting up crazy early tomorrow morning to go to a friend's house to watch the coronation. I cannot wait. I have my commemorative t-shirt and tiara ready to go!

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have a moment, please try to follow this blog so that it comes right into your email box. Plus you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter @pcrichey. Have the Best weekend!


  1. Oh I love that you are watching the coronation with friends- so fun! Thank you for the tip on the Judy Blume documentary-- I think the same way you do- always a big fan and "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" was my favorite book growing up. Diana and I just went to the movie last weekend and it was amazing- she will forever be a favorite!

  2. Oh I LOVED Judy Bloom and her books and I completely agree about book banning 100%. Some of the books that get banned have me really shaking my head too-- like Charlotte's Web?! I loved that book and read it with my boys too. I thought it was incredibly sweet. I actually make it a goal of mine to read at least one banned book each year and so far I've really enjoyed most of them (though some of the YA I can see why parents might not want their kids to read them when they are a bit more sexually explicit but I agree that it's up the parent to parent).

  3. Those joggers look so comfy and cute! I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoyed watching the coronation. I was out so I couldn’t watch it at home but I caught bits of it on my phone. What a moment in history!


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