Monthly Musings-April 2023


Besties, it is spring...finally and I am loving it. This month for Monthly Musings, Holly and I wanted to talk all things spring. We are here for the fashion, the food, the gardening and the travel that surrounds spring. We are so glad you could join us for Monthly Musings and the talented group of writers who join us every month.

Get some sunshine on your face and enjoy Monthly Musings!

1. Favorite Spring Fashion Pieces

My go-to casual outfit is a Good pair of casual pants, a tee, a Lilly Pulitzer Skipper popover and either Rothy's sneakers or a fun pair of sandals. I pretty much wear this on repeat for casual or weekend events. 

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2. Favorite Spring Scent

My favorite, which is a little bit of a luxury, is Chanel Chance. It is my favorite and one that I don't get sick of.

I also picked up a new spring fragrance from Good Chemistry and their travel size is under $15. I love the Tiger Lilly scent with notes of orange blossoms, vanilla and amber. This is just such an affordable treat and great for young women too.

3. Go-to Spring Meals

We are typically busy during the spring with lacrosse so we need easy meals. This week we had a late game so I just did burgers and dogs. 

One thing I love to have on hand during the spring and summer is the Kirkland pesto from Costco. There is so much you can do with it for a quick dinner. Plus it is so Good you will never make your own pesto again. 

4. Share a Spring Dessert Recipe

We all know that I am not much of a baker, but if you haven't roasted a Peep before, give it a try. Even if you think you don't like Peeps, when you lightly roast them it caramelizes the sugar like creme brulee making it like a creme brulee roasted marshmallow.

5. Share a Few Spring Traditions

We typically host Easter and have done the event as a dinner but this year we switched things up this year and had a brunch for Easter.

That's about all of our spring traditions.

6. Best Spring Cleaning Hacks

For decluttering I always order a ThredUp bag and drop things in the bag. I am not great about selling things on Poshmark but find ThredUp really easy. Plus, once things sell on ThredUp you get a credit that you can use for your own purchases.

My number one cleaning hack is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day multi-surface spray in mint. The main reason why we love this cleaning spray is that ants hate it. We always have trouble in early spring with ants and then last year we discovered that ants hate this natural cleaner.

Bonus, you can spray this on them and they will die. RIP ants.

7. Will You Plant a Garden This Year?

I will be working on flowers and plants in our yard but the only veggies I am going to do is tomatoes in pots. I have a few herbs in pots on the back steps but we really need to concentrate on our landscaping for now.

8. Spring Rain...Love or Hate?

I know it is necessary but I don't love spring rain. I may appreciate a rainy day to watch a movie, but I am not one of those people that love the rain.

9. Favorite Spring Flower?

Honestly, I live them all. I so appreciate my irises that are in bloom right now but also love \ daffodils that show that it is time for spring. In general, my favorite flower is the peony.

10. Any Spring Travel This Year?

We don't any major travel this spring but we are looking at a few schools and they involve a road trip which is fun.

That's what I have for spring. Now I hope you will take a moment and visit the other writers that are sharing their love of spring below.

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  1. Okay, I forgot about the spring ant invasion. I am going to check out that cleaner because we need ant help.

    1. It's such a Good and inexpensive option. Plus it smells great.

  2. I am intrigued about the pesto- tell me what you do with it. Your road trips for schools do sound fun! Happy lacrosse season my friend :)

    1. We use the pesto for everything. Grilled chicken, tomato mozzarella salad, tomato mozzarella pasta. You name it. I typically buy two at a time.

  3. We have to make a few trips to check out colleges and schools too! I wouldn't like peeps roasted either since I really do not like marshmallows at all; their texture is just weird.

  4. I'm always excited when it's sandal weather! The pesto is a great idea. Thanks for hosting!


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