Friday Favorites: New Spring Scent, Ride, American Manhunt Boston Marathon, MR8 Boston Marathon and the Magic of Rainbow Peppercorns


Happy Friday Besties! Is anyone else so excited it is spring? I know I am. My irises are up in the yard and I have a new shipment of spring planted bulbs on the way to the house. I finally had my rescheduled surgery on Tuesday and I am recovering slowly but surely. More to come on that probably next week. 

Today, I am embracing spring and sharing with you my list of Friday Favorites while I link up with Erika and Andrea.  Are you ready? Let's do this!

1. Good Chemistry-Tiger Lilly

While I typically wear Chanel Chance when I get dressed up, since the pandemic I have not really been wearing fragrances as often. Since I am all about spring right now, I have been pulling out my Clinique Happy but wanted to try something new. 

 In a previous Grove order a few years ago I ordered Queen Bee from Good Chemistry. Good Chemistry is a company that makes fragrances from essential oils and true transparency in their ingredients, something that is often frustrating for those of us trying to clean up our beauty acts.  

In my latest Grove order, I wanted to add something fun in addition to all of my cleaning products and noticed that they had an expanded Good Chemistry line available. This time I chose Tiger Lilly as I do like a citrus scent as you can see from Happy and Chance. I grabbed the travel size (for just $12.99) in case I didn't love it but I really do. It is similar to Happy with orange, vanilla and amber notes. I think it will be my spring go-to casual as it is light and just a hint of scent. 

Good Chemistry also has refillable candles. How cool is that! Jump on the Earth Month bandwagon and try out Good Chemistry. 

2. Ride

I am not sure if I have mentioned Ride before but it is the new series on Hallmark Channel. It's very much like Yellowstone but without the darkness. It's slightly edgier than a regular Hallmark movie, I might give it a PG rating...barely PG.

I have been getting caught up on the first four episodes while recovering this week and I am in on this one. Nancy Travis is just so darn Good in everything she does. She can be funny in Last Man Standing and then be the heart of a family facing a ton of challenges in Ride. If you are looking for a new show, this could be it. 

3. American Manhunt-The Boston Marathon Bombing

Running Daddy and I watched American Manhunt-The Boston Marathon Bombing right when it came out on Netflix last week. With the tenth anniversary of the bombing this month, we knew we wanted to tune in when this came out.

The Boston Marathon is personal for both of us. I grew up in Boston, Running Daddy went to college in Boston and he is a three-time Boston Marathon finisher (2006, 2008, 2026). When I met Running Daddy he was on a quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon and had to hit a 3:12 marathon to do it. He doesn't do charity runs...he has painstakingly qualified each time. 

This documentary was so well done. It was a balance of honoring the victims, the heroes and telling the story of how law enforcement tracked down these two murders. It's hard to watch, but we can never forget what happened that day and that Boston was the wrong city to mess with.

4. Martin Richard Boston Marathon Team-MR8

I know Besties, it sounded like I shaded charity teams in the Boston Marathon above, but this is one that I can totally get behind. I dare you to watch the story below about the MR8 marathon team and not tear up. #BostonStrong.

5. Trader Joe's Rainbow Peppercorn

Back to lighten things up with my final favorite of the week. I usually just grab the regular peppercorn grinder when I am at Trader Joe's but a few weeks ago when I needed pepper I decided to be fancy and get the rainbow peppercorns.

There truly is a difference with the rainbow ones. You can smell the difference when you grind the peppercorns and I prefer the seasoning. I don't think I will go back to black pepper only from now on.

It's the little things in life Besties that can make a difference, even peppercorns.

I hope you have the Best weekend and that you are enjoying spring. I will be back next week with What's Up Wednesday and Monthly Musings with Holly. Monthly Musings will be focused on all things spring for April so get ready for the topics on Monday. 


  1. Oh I am a perfume freak- may have to check this out- thanks for sharing. The peppercorns sounds so interesting too- I can't wait to watch that documentary- it really hits home as you know XO

    1. Definitely check out Good Chemistry especially at the travel size price point. The documentary is so Good. We are #BostonStrong gals.

  2. So glad to hear that you got the surgery out of the way and now I hope and pray you have a speedy recovery. Take care Patty, sending love xx

    1. Thanks Ruth. It has been a long journey but I think it is helping.

  3. I hope you make a speedy recovery after your surgery.
    I love the sound of Ride. I've never heard of it before.

    1. Thank you Kim. Check out Ride, I am fully into it now.


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