Monthly Musings May 2023: Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend


Hey there Besties! Memorial Day weekend starts tomorrow. While we never want to underestimate the real meaning of this weekend, it is also the unofficial start of summer. Holly and I chose Memorial Day weekend as the theme for Monthly Musings and I cannot wait to see what all of the talented writers who join us every month share for their Memorial Day celebrations and traditions. This month try to stop by and visit a new site that links up with us that you have not visited before. Holly and I read all of the writers who link up with us and they are amazing and always have fun ideas.

Kick off the summer with us and take a moment to remember those that gave all to this country so that we can enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear.

1. How are you spending Memorial Day weekend?

Friday night I am kicking off the weekend by helping out with the All-Night Graduation Party for school. Since prom night and graduation nights can be the most dangerous seasons for teen drivers, our school hosts an all-night graduation party each year.
I will be helping to decorate the casino with a friend of mine and then head home around 11:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday we are on the graduation party circuit with several friends graduating this year. Can't wait to celebrate these kids.

Since our pool opens this weekend we are hoping to get over there for happy hour on Monday. Our pool is also in a big park that is on about 13 acres so it is much more than swimming The weather will be way too chilly this weekend for swimming.

Running Daddy and I are so close to really getting the landscaping under control so there will be some additional yard work this weekend too.

2. Favorite ice cream?

Summer means ice cream and my favorite is a New England staple but can be a little hard to find in Northern Virginia. I love black raspberry ice cream with chocolate jimmies (aka sprinkles for those in other parts of the country). A black raspberry chip comes very very close to this too.

3. Memorial Day travel or hang out at home?

Since Hockey Guy is in the middle of exams we won't be traveling for Memorial Day this year. We also have two trips in June so we are focusing our travel budget there.

4.  Burger, hot dog or both?

I personally love a Good burger and since I am gluten-free I am a no bun gal. The gluten-free buns have way too many calories and they are not even that Good

5. Favorite cookout sides?

Personally, I love a Good potato salad. I really love them when they are olive oil based. They were a thing for a while and then I haven't seen them as much lately.  I also love the ease of fresh mozzarella with grape tomatoes. 

6. White before or after Memorial Day?

Being originally from New England, for many years I was a no white, meaning basically jeans or pants, before Memorial Day. Since I now live below the Mason Dixon line, that tradition is technically Easter as the start date. Depending on when Easter is, I start to ease into the white jeans around Easter especially if it is later in April. 

7. Memorial Day traditions?

We don't have a ton of Memorial Day traditions. Typically traffic is really bad in the DC area due to Rolling Thunder. I totally support what they are doing but there are a lot of people that come into town and it really does cause a lot of traffic so we stay close to home.

We just try to get to the pool and hang with our neighborhood friends. 

8. Best summer recipe?

When I am busy in the summer and need to bring something to an event without a lot of notice, I grab the tub of marinated mozzarella balls from Costco. You drain most of the oil out and then add grape tomatoes to the mix and put in a pretty bowl. I learned this from a friend of mine and it is always a hit.

9. Parades, fireworks or cookouts?

Give me all of the cookouts. We really don't have a local parade around here but there is a big celebration in downtown Washington, DC. Our dog is terrified of fireworks so we don't really light them off. I am all about the food, beverages and fun with friends.

10. Show us your red, white and blue.

The outfit below says summer weekend to me. 

Running Daddy bought me this tunic years ago and I love it. Here I have it paired with the Loft Utility Joggers in white but you could also do white jeans. To top things off, always Jack Rogers and the platinum goes with everything! They are so comfortable and work for any occasion. 

I hope you enjoyed our Memorial Day kick-off this month and will visit some of the writers who join us for Monthly Musings below.

Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend Besties

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  1. Ok i sooo want that outfit! Where did he get the tunic? It is perfection! Love your little recipe idea too- patriotic and delish- thanks for being the best blogging partner as always XO

    1. Hi. It's from Top It Off. They are HQed in both Massachusetts and Alexandria VA. Love being on this journey with you.

  2. Oh, I hope the graduation party goes well!!! And I'm excited for our pool opening too, as it might actually be warm enough to swim this weekend.

    1. Ooooh. Keep us posted if you can swim this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I have fond memories of Project Graduation and up all night with my friends. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. They work hard to keep it super fun for the kids and also treat the volunteers really well.

  4. It sounds like you have a real fun weekend planned!

  5. Patty, I love that top with the crabs and white pants. This was such a fun topic and I hope you have a happy Memorial day weekend.

  6. Black raspberry ice cream is one of my favorites too, but it's not always one of my choices. Love your summer recipe idea - nothing could be simpler and it sounds so good! Have a great weekend!


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