February Monthly Musings: Spring Fashion Preview and Wardrobe Transitions


Hey Besties! Can you believe we are at the end of February? Today is my fun linkup Monthly Musings with Holly and this month we are doing a spring fashion preview and talking about transitioning our wardrobes. I am not sure what the weather is like where you live this week but "fake spring" is alive and well here. This is the perfect week to focus on spring fashion. I am ready to jump in, are you?

1. Favorite Spring Pieces in Your Wardrobe

This is a little tricky because we are all dressing so differently during the pandemic. For weekend wear, I still love a Good Lilly Pulitzer popover like the one below. 

I typically pair with jeans and a fun slip-on sneaker. I really love my Rothy's sneakers. I have them in navy which they don't make anymore but I also love the grey. And yes, I have washed all of my Rothy's and they wash up really well.

If you have not tried Rothy's and are totally curious, you can use this discount code and save $20 off your first order with this discount code: https://share.rothys.com/x/ouw3sT

2. Favorite Colors to Wear in Spring

My favorite colors are truly pink and green, but I also love turquoise in the spring. I love a pop of color against something like navy.

3. How Do You Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

In a word, slowly.  In a few weeks I will start pulling out spring layering pieces like cardigans, jackets and blouses. I will then start putting away heavier pieces like wool sweaters. The weather can be tricky in the mid-Atlantic so this is a process. It can be downright hot one day and then the by the end of the week you are reaching for Uggs again.

4. Favorite Accessories for Spring

I think a scarf with some color is a Good way to usher in spring even when the weather is not cooperating.  

5. Do You Change Your Handbags in the Spring

If I am using a darker bag for winter I definitely change out my bag. Since I am using this bag for work right now and it is navy, I may not change it out. 

What I love about the Stella & Dot bags, and spoiler alert I am an ambassador, is that in most cases you can swap out the straps and get a whole new look for your bag but only for the cost of the strap. I definitely change my bag straps on this bag every few days.

6. Best Tips for Off-Season Storage

I have these canvas storage cubes from Thirty-One that I have probably had for a decade. I think I have five or six of them and they hold most of my off-season clothing. I do hang a few things in an extra closet downstairs, but the cubes are my go-tos and help keep things like moths from munching on my cashmere in the summer.

7. Best Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe

I really need to do this and stat. There are so many things have I have not worn in years and I need a closet edit really soon. I do like to consign things and will take a few things to a higher-end consignment store in Old Town that I like.

I also really like Thred Up. Now, you won't make a ton of money from Thred Up but if you just want things out of the house and want product credit to shop their online store, this is a Good option. 

Looking for something fun for spring through Thred Up? You can use this code and save $10 on your purchase: https://www.thredup.com/r/Z5KRBG

In general, I need a few hours on a Saturday to edit my wardrobe, and then I need to head into Hockey Guy's room and tackle everything that doesn't fit him anymore.

 8. What Color Just Says Spring to You? 

I am all about the pink, especially in spring, but anytime of the year.

I grabbed this meme because we are posting on Thursday and not Wednesday!

9. Best Basic Spring Transition Outfit

In my book you cannot go wrong with ankle-length black pants, a white popover blouse and a colorful cardigan or wrap.

10. Do You Have a Favorite Spring Fragrance?

I don't wear fragrances a lot. I mostly stick to my Ever Lavish on a daily basis. If I want to wear something special I always wear Chance by Chanel. This is a perfect spring scent and not overpowering. 

I hope this post got you in the mood for spring and all the fun fashion. Be sure to check out the other writers who link up with us and see what spring fashion tips and wardrobing tips they have.

Happy Fake Spring Besties!

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  1. I used to work in a consignment shop when I was in college and swore that I would never throw away clothes again. Sadly that store closed and we don't have any other consignment shops in reasonable driving distance so that promise to myself was rather short lived. I love scarves and agree that they are a great transition piece for spring.

    1. I am truly fascinated by the consignment industry. What a cool job.

      Thanks for joining us today.

  2. Cracking up at "Fake Spring" - you are too funny! I need to try that Chanel scent and I am with you on PINK- thanks for besting the best blogging partner XO


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