Hello Monday_Second Annual Forty Miles in Forty Days Lenten Challenge


Besties, I hope you had a really Good weekend. We had some hockey, some downtime and some family time. A pretty perfect weekend if you ask me. Today I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday.  I am also sharing with you that I am kicking off the Second Annual Forty Miles in Forty Days Lenten challenge this week. If there ever was a time for this challenge, this would be the time.

Last year I launched this challenge after walking 100 miles over the Christmas season. This seemed like a natural fit for Lent and we had over 60 people join our Facebook group and even more be part of the challenge in 2021. It was a really Good option for Lent last year for so many people. 

With so much unrest in the world right now, this is a really Good time for this challenge again. For those of you that cannot remember or were not part of the 2021 challenge, it is a pretty simple thing to do. Basically, you can run, walk, row, bike or do whatever you choose to move your body and try to get to 40 miles total between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Then you add in a simple element of faith such as praying before and after, focusing on what you are grateful for, listening to a faith-based podcast or music during your workout. I know the length is more than 40 days, but I am giving a little grace here and embracing the entire Lenten and Easter season.

I will be walking the forty miles and will give updates on the Facebook page. If you are still trying to figure out what you want to do for Lent, join us. Everyone is welcome to join this challenge and in the Facebook group.

See you for the kick-off Besties!


  1. Oh so fun! What a great challenge.

  2. I am in and already on my way with miles and devotionals! Thanks for creating such an amazing challenge XO


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