Friday Favorites Feb 25, 2022-Stretch Trio Bracelets, Trader Joe's Muffins, All the Hockey and Wild Things Podcast


Ah Friday. I am so ready to exhale Besties! It's the weekend and I am so here for it. I am ready for a little rest, a few house projects and some down time. Now that Friday is here, I am linking up with  Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites. Are you ready for a fun list of things that are bringing me Joy this week? Let's go!

1. Collectors Box Stretch Trio Bracelets

This stretch trio comes in both pink and blue/green and I honestly had a hard time choosing. I went with the pink and this trio is something that I am reaching for on a regular basis. It is a great way to give a pop of spring and are very luxe.

2. Trader Joe's Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins

I recently learned about these muffins from a Trader Joe's Facebook site I follow. I saw them in Trader Joe's last weekend and I  decided to give these a try. Wow. These are so Good.

A lot of gluten free baked goods can be really dry but that is not the case with these muffins. I have been enjoying a half of one of these muffins on the way out the door in the morning. Even if you are not gluten free you should still give these a try.

3. All the Hockey

We had an amazing weekend of hockey over the long weekend. A major school championship and a tournament championship. Six games, five wins, so amazing. Winning isn't everything but it sure is fun.

4. Wild Things Podcast

I first heard about this podcast on Good Morning America and it is really well researched. This podcast is about the Las Vegas entertainer Siegfried and Roy. Let's just say, it's all about the illusion. If you are looking for a new podcast, give this one a try.

That's what I have for you this Friday. Have the Best weekend!



  1. Those muffins sound amazing! Congrats to your son and his team; that is an impressive streak.

  2. Congrats to your Hockey Guy -these are the greatest years! Glad you found those muffins and can enjoy- they look great-have an awesome weekend friend!


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