Second Annual Hallmarkie Awards

Well, the 10th Annual Count Down to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel is over, but I do have a little treat for you, a recap of the Second Annual Hallmarkie Awards. For the second year in a row a group of us got together on Saturday for food, fun, trivia and the love of all things Hallmark.

Hosted by Miss D again, there were about ten of us on Saturday. Some of us like Hallmark, some of us LOVE Hallmark and some of us barely watch Hallmark. 

The trivia questions, thirty-two in total, were based on the regular Hallmark Channel movies only. Miss N (our quiz master and one who totally matches my love of Hallmark) and Ms. D made these incredible quiz boards.

We also had buzzers for the "lightening rounds" that included general questions about Christmas and Hanukah. 

I am not going to lie to you Besties, the questions were hard. What also made things a little harder for this purposes was that there were so many movies and there were a few that I just didn't get to or didn't get to see the entire movie because I just ran out of time.

I am super excited to tell you that for the second year in a row, I was the big winner! What put me over the edge was the one and only Patrick Duffy from 80's Dallas fame. I got a five pointer by naming that he was in The Mistletoe Secret and on Dallas

I won super cute Hallmark Channel socks and a Hallmark mug. This is perfect because I didn't have the socks and mug yet. I have three Hallmark shirts and then my friend from high school does some work with Hallmark and he sent me an amazing tote that is now my Good Better Best "office" and a Count Down to Christmas blanket. 

For 2020, we are going to mix things up. I am going to be the quiz master this year and I am going to choose 10 movies that all of the questions will be focused on. I will choose those 10 movies that we will focus on right when the movie list comes out. This will give everyone a chance to DVR, watch and really pay attention. It was a little stressful this year because there were so many movies to watch. I mean I love them all...but for quiz purposes it was hard to remember minor details with the sheer volume of movies.

If you love Hallmark Channel, I highly recommend that you get people together to celebrate with Hallmark, not only for the holiday movies but any other time of the year. Pick a fun spring movie and get your friends together on a Saturday night. It is a perfect option for a moms' night with kids.

Ok, the comment section below leave me your favorite(s) Hallmark movies of this season...or any other season. My absolute favorite was Christmas Love Story starring Kristin Chenoweth and Scott Wolf. It is actually in my top three of all time. It was divine.

Hope you are having a Good week Besties. I will see you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites. 


  1. I Love this idea Patty- so fun! What a hoot!

  2. Holly--if we lived closer you would love this party!

  3. Love at the Thanksgiving Parade. It’s from 2003 or 8 or something like that. I only got to watch it one time this year. At 5:30 am on Christmas Eve. Go Figure

  4. 2013 is Love at the Thanksgiving Parade and is a family favorite of ours! Awesome soundtrack, wardrobe and cast. Thanks for stopping by!


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