Monthly Musings January 2020: Let's Talk About Love

Welcome to the first installment of Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. I am so excited to join my blog co-host Holly of Pink Lady for the first edition of our Monthly Musings. Today we are answering questions about Love. Are you ready to jump into the first Monthly Musings? I am!

1) Candy Conversation Hearts...Yes or No?

I don't mind one or two of them but they are not my favorite.  What I think are much Better are the SweetTart kind. Now those...those I totally get into.

2) Valentine, Galentine or Boycott?

Well at one point in my life I have felt each way about February 14th. Now I think it is just a fun day. I have my three boys that are my Valentines. One big one, one not so little one and one with four legs.

We do cards and little gifts in the morning at breakfast before we all head out the door.

3) Do You Decorate Your House for Valentine's Day

Yes, but just a little bit. This year I am trying to put a little more effort into seasonal decor in general. I will be working more on the decorating this weekend.

4) Do You Buy Your Pet a Gift or Treat?

Yes...nothing over the top but Stormy usually gets a bag of treats.  I mean he is the Best.

5) Best Valentine's Day

It's probably a tie. The first Best Valentine's was when Running Daddy and I started dating. It had only been about a month of dating or so. He took me to a really nice dinner. He also brought me tulips but also took the time to purchase a really nice vase for them. This was not your run of the mill free from the florist vase and I thought that was a really Good touch. 

The next Best one was when I had a business trip to in the hotel and meeting was at Disney...when Hockey Guy was little but we didn't tell him in advance we were going. We told him at breakfast with a few Mickey Mouse themed treats and then told him to get dressed to go on the trip!

6) Do You Prefer To Stay In or Go Out on Valentine's Day?

On the actual day, February 14th, we are pretty chill and just usually get easy take out and then we may go out a few nights after to celebrate, usually the three of us. This year since Valentine's Day is on a Friday, Hockey Guy actually has a birthday party for a few hours but we are still not going to fight the crowds and go out to dinner. Running Daddy and I will probably indulge in some Mexican take out and probably get caught up on some Housewives. Honestly, that is our idea of fun and how we like to spend time together.

7) What is Your Favorite Childhood Valentine's Day Memory?

I broke my leg when I was little...twice...two years in a row. I remember the first time when I was in kindergarten, I basically stayed home the entire time I had my cast.  Schools were not really set up to be handicapped friendly back then so where I was so little it would have been really hard for me to get around.

I remember that a little girl in the neighborhood dropped off a bag of valentines from my classmates and I remember that it brought me such Joy. It was made me feel so Good that they still included me in this class card exchange even though I hadn't been in school for over a month. It was so nice to not be forgotten.

8) Best Tips for Kids on Valentine's Day?

I was always the mom that made Hockey Guy sign each valentine himself when he was little. I told him that all of his friends would be giving him a card so he needed to take the time to sign his name to every friend.  The Best tip I have is that you should buy your classroom valentines early and have them work on just a few every night. It makes it easier for them and then you can your kiddo doesn't need to spend the whole night before working on the valentines which is a total recipe for a meltdown. And I am talking about the potential for both the kids and moms to melt down.

9) Any Valentine's Fashion Tips?

I have seen some really cute Valentine's Day fashions out there. I didn't have time to link any but hopefully I will in the next few weeks.

I do try to wear something festive on the big day. Of course red and white win the day, but I also think you can do a pretty shade of hot pink or light pink to change things up. 

10) Champagne? Chocolate? Flowers?

I am an all of the above girl in theory, but the reality is we usually end up with chocolates and flowers. I love champagne and all things bubbly but it is so hard to split a bottle with just two people. Every year Running Daddy and I vow to drink more champagne on non-celebratory occasions. This year we need to get moving on that pledge.

So this is the first installment of Monthly Musings. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I found it fast and fun. Here is the schedule for the year:

Holly and I will leave the link up for a few days if you want to do your own post about Love and answer our fun questions. If you blog please try to visit as many of the other sites that linked up and leave a comment. As always, thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. Love reading your Valentine memories friend- so special AND yeah for our linkup working- here's to a fun 2020 together!

    1. Cheers to a fun link up. You are the Best blogging partner.

  2. What a fun link up! I have my kids write their own Valentine's cards--and I agree-start early! Champagne sounds pretty good right now...we are the same, we rarely have it! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jaclyn. Hope you will join us for the February link up when we talk about luck. Have the Best weekend!


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