Friday Favorites: Catch and Kill, Hand Warmers, Boot Tray, Winter Blooms, Cozy PJs, New Linkup

This was a full week for me and a busy week for all of us in the Good Better Best household. Now it is time to take a breath for Friday Favorites and link up with ErikaAndreaNarci for the things that are bringing me Joy this week.

1) Pocket Hand Warmer

Two of the moms on our hockey team had this hand warmer and busted them out at our games this weekend. All you do is charge it and leave it in your bag and bust it out when you need it. It heats up quickly and gets really warm. I cannot believe I didn't know about this until now. I chose the rose gold color, of course, but it comes in other colors too.

This is the perfect gift for hockey moms or any other outdoor sports moms. Spring sports are coming soon, so if you are often freezing early in the season, you may want to pick up one of these hand warmers to get you through those next few weeks. 

2) Catch and Kill podcast

You may know Ronan Farrow, child genius, journalist and son of Mia Farrow (and possibly Frank Sinatra). He broke the Harvey Weinstein story a few years ago. I am more than slightly fascinated by Ronan Farrow. He has a book out called Catch and Kill and a podcast by the same name.

I started listening to his podcast this week, it's so Good and I am addicted. It is truly fascinating and sad how far back this story goes. With all of the shouting of "fake news" on both sides these days, it is reassuring to learn about journalists who do not stop to find the truth.

Warning: there is language and content in this podcast so this is not for little ears. It is also has some very troubling stories so if you are triggered by stories of assault, please take care in listening.

3) Decorative Boot Tray 

Depending on when you live, it's that time of year when shoes are wet and yucky. Tracking all of this into your house is not Good. We have a boot tray in the porch, but I decided to get a small one for the front door. This boot tray from Amazon was the perfect size and made of durable rubber, plus the design was on point. 

Boot tray: Amazon 
Boots: LL Bean
***contains affiliate links 

4) Winter Blooms

I always buy extra paper whites and amaryllis bulbs and keep them going into January when the house looks bare and the skies are overcast. The amaryllis are coming along slowly but surely. The Good news is that the paper whites are about to bloom. I think this weekend these lovelies will be making their debut.

5) Cozy PJ's

I am kind of addicted to pajamas. I own a lot of them and wear them all. When I can during the week, I will put on my pajamas as soon as I get home. It's been getting pretty cold around these parts and I am always freezing. I like to layer up my pajamas with a top, bottom and then something warm on top of that.

With the Good sales going on last week I picked up a few really cozy, fleece toppers at Old Navy last weekend and they are the Best option right now to ward off the chill.

This is what I am currently wearing. My new Old Navy hooded Sherpa robe, cozy socks, flannel pants and a thermal shirt. The hooded Sherpa robe is super soft and warm but I think calling it a robe is a stretch. It only hits on the top of my hip and I am only 5 ft 5 inches. I would actually call this more of a cardigan.

Sherpa: Old Navy
Socks: Old Navy
Sleep pants: similar
**contains affiliate links

I also picked up a similar pullover Sherpa at the same Old Navy sale. It will be also be a Good topper for my pajamas this season.

And finally, Holly and I have a really fun announcement. We are changing up our monthly link up to Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. We will post a series of quick, fun monthly themed questions. Just grab the graphics, use the questions to blog and then link up with us on the last Thursday of the month.  The first installment of Monthly Musings will be this Thursday, January 30 and we are talking love this month! We will post the questions on Monday both on this site here and on Instagram. My Insta is @pcrichey This would be a great time to follow me if you have not already.

See you next week Besties!


  1. Love the tray for boots. And those cozy jammies look fabulous. Have a great weekend. xo

  2. That pocket hand warmer is genius and that boot tray is actually pretty and practical! Can't wait for our first linkup of 2020 friend! Have a great weekend XO

    1. Holly--as a hockey mom in New need both that hand warmer and the boot tray. Have a Good weekend girl. See you for our link up next week.

  3. I love that boot tray. We do not get snow here but on wet day, it would be nice to have something like that by the garage door.

    1. I think no matter where you live, these boot trays are a Good option. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Have the Best weekend!


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