What's Up Wednesday---January 2019!

Here we are on the last Wednesday of January. It has seemed like a long month, but with the exception of being sick most of the month, it has been pretty GoodI am linking up with MelShaeffer, and Shay for the super fun What's Up Wednesday. Here's what I have been up to in January.

What We Are Eating This Week

It's going to be a little bit of a busy week and it was a busy weekend so actually this week I don't totally have my meal plan together but this is what I think we are having.

Monday-due to a Monday night hockey practice which is unusual, the boys had leftover frozen Costco mac and cheese with berries. I had a turkey wrap with pears.

Tuesday-sausage sheet pan meal with veggies and potatoes.

Wednesday-probably tacos made with this chicken as I made a batch of it this weekend.

Thursday-maybe pancakes with bacon and fruit. Not quite there yet.

Friday-pizza night

What I am Reminiscing About

With the arctic blast headed our way, I am reminiscing about a few years ago when it was so cold out, they cancelled school. So I am reminiscing but not in a Good way. 

What I am Loving

I am loving that I was surrounded by so many people I love this weekend. I had coffee with one of my favorite people I know through work on Friday morning. Then on Friday night when we were at a high school basketball game I ran into two of my friends that I went to college with, turns our their son is one of the star players on that team. I also got to see my sister and adult niece and nephews and then on Sunday my sister and one of my Besties came to see Hockey Guy's game. So much fun and love in one weekend.

I am also loving this tea by Celestial Seasonings. It is super hard to find and I first had it about 15-20 years ago. Every year during the holidays I look for it and I finally found it on Amazon. It's sweet, spicy and just the Best with honey.

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What We've Been Up To

On January 1 we had a party for the Winter Classic. We were a house divided with the Bruins vs. the Black Hawks and I am happy to say...the Bruins won. Go B's!

We have had a lot of hockey, but we also had a couple of real weekends in January without a ton of things on the schedule. It felt really Good to only have one or two things a day that we needed to be at.

I was also really sick for like three weeks in January. It was all viral and the cough lasted forever. Hence the need for the tea above.

What I am Dreading

I am totally dreading this cold snap that is coming in and all the chaos it brings. I also really hate to be cold!

What I am Working On

At work I am working on some pretty big projects that will be a lot of work, but will make things run a lot Better

The other very fun thing that I am working on is Holly and I launched our very first link up last week. It is a gratitude link up on the last Thursday of the month called, Thankful Thursdays. Keep in mind I totally messed up when I did the schedule for this month and forgot that tomorrow is the last Thursday of the month. Holly and I left the link open a little longer in case you want to get in on January.  

The more the merrier, so if you want to join Holly and me for future Thankful Thursdays, here is the schedule and topics. We are pretty chill, so if you want to write about gratitude that is off topic one month, that is Good with us too.

What I am Excited About

I am definitely excited about Thankful Thursdays and all the fun that hosting a link up can bring. I am excited to have new bloggers join us.

I am also excited about some fun opportunities that Hockey Guy has lately. It will be interesting to see how all of this develops.

What I am Watching/Reading

Dirty John

Image result for dirty john

Although Running Daddy was completely creeped out by the first episode, he became totally hooked. They did such a Good job on this and it stayed very close to the podcast.

The Bachelor

Image result for bachelor colton

It's Bachelor season again and this is a Good one. We have beauty queen on beauty queen crimes and a lot of crying. I actually really like Colton and I am going to have more to say about him soon.

That's really all I am watching these days. I feel like not much is on.

What I am Listening to

In addition to my regular podcasts:
-Bitch Sesh
-Reality Steve
-The Rise podcast
-Rose Pricks

I found a few new podcasts this month:
-The Dream which is about multi level marketing companies
-Sounds like MLM on the Lularoe controversy
-Bubbly Sesh which is like Bitch Sesh but about Hallmark and these gals don't swear

What I am Wearing

Basically, I am wearing a whole bunch of things I got in sale through J Crew Factory.

Size way down--I am wearing a 4
****contains affiliate links

And here is the rest of my J Crew haul from this month and the coat I almost bought. The prices have been crazy Good at J Crew factory lately.

What I am Doing This Weekend

Hopefully watching the Patriots win another Super Bowl.  Please keep in mind how bad they were when I was growing up. Like painfully bad.

Related image

I think I am going to make white chicken chili for the game. We have not had that in a while and it is so Good

I am also trying to get some rest this weekend. I didn't get much last weekend and while I am feeling Better, my fatigue is pretty bad right now.

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

Our next Thankful Thursdays where we will be talking all types of love we are thankful for: family, friends, partners, four-legged love.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be coming back and I can't wait. I need a little more Bravo in my life.

real housewives of beverly hills laughing GIF

I am also looking forward to a low key Valentine's Day with my loves---two legged and four legged.

What Else is New

I think I have covered just about everything. I hope you have the Best February!


  1. Yeah Patty! I love how you love our Boston teams- soul sisters for sure! White Chicken Chili sounds perfect for the Super bowl too- right there with you! Grateful for our linkup too! XO

  2. Good luck to your Pats! I love your coat! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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