Thankful Thursdays Preview-Thankful Thursdays Coming This Week

I know that it is only Tuesday, but just wanted to share that Thankful Thursdays with Holly and Patty start this Thursday. Holly and I have been talking about this for months and we are finally ready to jump off and host our first link-up. Here are our topics for 2019!

Please be patient with us as I am crossing my fingers I can make the linking tool work. I am a total rookie with that.

If you are interested in linking up with us, just use the linking tool and please link back to both Holly and me in your post. You can use the topics above each month or if there is something off topic that you are grateful for or that is bringing you Joy that you want to write about...well we are Good with that too.  

Whether you are a blog reader or a blog writer, we hope to see you back here on Thursday.


  1. "Good" and "Joy"...totally us- love it! So excited to get started friend :)

  2. I am so excited to be linking up with you ladies throughout the year! I wrote down all the prompts!


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