Friday Favorites:The Bachelor, Good Snacks, Big Little Lies, Best Bag and Tom vs. Time

Happy Friday everyone. Friday got here very quickly this week. I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea today for a quick list of my Friday Favorites. Let's get see what I am finding Joy in this week.

1) Mr. Cheese O's from Sonoma Creamery

Sonoma Creamery - Mr. Cheese Os
We had a hockey game last weekend about an hour away from our house, so when the game was over we all needed a snack. There were so many tempting treats at this convenience store, and it was one of those convenience stores that is really nice, clean and filled with goodies. I wanted to be Good, so I tried these Mr. Cheese O's snacks. They are gluten free and made with real cheese and quinoa and are one of the Best healthy snacks I have ever had. They basically taste like a southern cheese straw. If you are looking for a healthy or gluten free snack, check these out.

2) Big Little Lies
Image result for big little lies

Ok, I know I am about a year late to this party and Big Little Lies is so 2017...but we have free HBO right now and we are getting caught up. I saw a little bit of one episode a few weekends ago and was instantly hooked. I told Running Daddy the basic premise and knew he was going to either be all in or just peace out. He is all in. We are trying to find time stay wake and watch on demand and it's basically all we can talk about. We are about to watch episode 6. I get it, this is so Good.

3) The Bachelor

For those of you that don't know, I have watch ever season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette since it first premiered. Some seasons are Better than others and frankly I have felt that both franchises have been a little lacking lately. Yet I still watch. I watch because all of a sudden a season will get so Good, much like this one. You might want to check this season out if you have taken a break. 

If you need to catch up, I wrote recaps the last two weeks. You can read them here and here. Here's the gal you need to keep you eyes on.

im out episode 5 GIF by The Bachelor

Ready to tune in now?

4) Boulevard Hanna Tote

I bought this bag Boulevard right at the end of the year and added a monogram. It's such a Good bag. Honestly, when I am out in the wild with this bag, both people I meet with and strangers on the street stop me and tell me how much they love this bag. Best part, it's on sale.

Variant Sapphire

5) Tom vs. Time 

People love him, people hate him but you have to admit, what Tom Brady is at age forty is nothing short of amazing. We are in the love camp in our household. We have been watching Tom vs. Time and it is totally inspirational. Even if you are in the hate camp, there are things that are totally cool in here and make you want to live your own life a little Better.
Image result for Tom vs. Time

That's it for this week. Hope everyone has a Good weekend. Speaking of Tom Brady and this weekend...GO PATS! #GOAT.


  1. Yes to Big Little Lies and yes to Tom Brady!

  2. I watched The Bachelor for 11 seasons, but then I stopped watching because I disliked the person they picked and I never got back into it. Sometimes I miss it!


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