Friday Favorites: Cold Remedies, White Chili, and the Evil Queen

Happy Friday everyone. This week was a whirlwind and I cannot believe it is already Friday but I am glad to see you Friday. I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea today for a quick list of my Friday Favorites. These are the things I am finding Joy in this week.

1) Cepacol Spray: 

So I basically have a bad cold this week. Not the flu thank heavens and not the stomach bug but just a bad cold that keeps moving around my body. Earlier it was in my throat and I had several big meeting this so there was no time for a sore throat. One spray of this and it does really help numb a sore throat. Does it taste bad you ask...yes it tastes terrible but it only lasts for about 15 seconds. Your throat will feel Better for about four hours. Keep this product in the house.

2) Honey for a Cough

I don't know why two teaspoons of honey for a cough for an adult works, but it really works Better than any other cough medicine I have tried. 

3) School Auction 

Ok now on to some fun stuff. Our school auction was this weekend and while we really struggled with the theme of Once Upon a Time for our table, it really came together in the end. We did vignettes of Disney movies. Everything from poisoned candy apples to a live Dory fish. Poor Dory, she met a very untimely and some what violent end. RIP Dory, RIP.

Look closely in the bowl and you can see Dory.

My friends and I changed my outfit plan at 9:30 a.m. as we were setting up the table because we decided we needed an Evil Queen. It became one of the Best outfits I have done for this event. Don't bite the apple.

4) Clinique All Heart Lipstick

I don't wear this lipstick all that often because I think it is a little too red for daytime, but when I wear it at night I really like it. It's a Good red and totally wearable. It really stays on too. I am wearing All Heart in the photo above.  ***contains affliate link 

5) Good Better Best White Chili

For this Super Bowl this weekend, that I do not want to talk about, I decided to make one of my Best recipes on this blog, my white chili. It's light and different with seasonings of cumin mixed in with chicken and chilies. While the photography in this old recipe post isn't the Best, the recipe is!

That's what I have this week. I am looking forward to a little rest and some hockey this weekend.


  1. Your school auction looks so fun!!
    I should have used honey for the cough I had last month! Hope you are better soon.

  2. OMG you guys looked awesome for the school auction- love your costumes! I am all about Clinique Lip Gloss right now with a liner- can't get enough!


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