Friday Favorites: Red Sox #34, Chik-Fil-A, School Family, Sound of Music

Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci , Andrea and Amandafor Friday favorites and sharing with you the things that I am finding Joy in this week.

1) #34 Retired:

All you Yankee fans might just want to skip right over this first thing that brings me Joy...because it is #34 David Ortiz and the fact that the Red Sox retired his number late last week. I have been a Red Sox fan my entire my entire life...long before 2004. I loved the Red Sox when I was little which was frustrating, I loved them in high school which brought us a heartbreak of a World Series. I loved them in the nineties which at times was just pathetic, and I even loved them in Game 7 of the playoffs in 2003 when I was sitting in Yankee Stadium when everything fell apart.

Then everything changed...and it changed a lot in part to this guy, David Ortiz #34.

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He is a monster hitter, with a smile that can light up Fenway Park. In a time when so many athletes are getting into trouble for all kinds of really bad things, he was helping to heal the city after the Boston Marathon bombing. One may not love the language he used when he said "This is our *#&@ing city and nobody is going to dictate our freedom." But it was exactly the right sentiment at the right time and it came from his great Big Papi heart. His loves the city of Boston and he loves this country. 

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So congrats David Ortiz #34, you now are up there with my other favorites Jim Rice #14 and Carlton Fisk are my favorite Red Sox now and you bring me Joy

And come on Yankee fan have to admit that this guy is pretty Good.

2) Chik-Fil-A Gluten Free Bun:

Chik-Fil-A just announced that they will soon be carrying gluten free buns in their stores. This will mean that I will have two dining options at Chik-Fil-A. I can choose a grilled Chik-Fil-A sandwich or the grilled nuggets. Chik-Fil-A is so Good.

3) Our School Family:

I remember when we were looking at the school that Hockey Guy goes to a friend of mine whose kids are older and were attending this school told me that the families at this school really walk the walk and were the real deal. After being here for several years I can say she was right. 

I am blessed to have our school family filled with so many Good people. Listen, I am not very Good at asking people for help. This week I needed some ideas for additional camps or a babysitter and so many of our school families came and gave me all kinds of ideas. Some people just emailed back to say they didn't have any ideas but they just wanted to respond anyway. Our whole family is Better because Hockey Guy is at this school. These people bring me Joy.

4) End of my PTO Term:

At mid-night my term as PTO Vice-President at Hockey Guy's school will come to an end.  Actually it will end a four year term of service as I was the Secretary as well. In the past, when a term of service for other volunteer organizations was over I was pretty much done. This time I just feel Good and at peace.

I like meetings that begin and end with a prayer. Wouldn't life be Better if every meeting did? I find Joy in helping our school. The first two years, I was able to help support my friend who was President who really me through the process when we were wait listed when we were applying (we applied super late). God sent me a new friend for life when working with this current President as we knew each other but not that well. I never thought that I would get the Joy that I did from this service.

5) The Sound of Music:

Sometimes for my day job I get to do some very fancy things, and sometimes I get to bring my boys with me. This weekend we got to see The Sound Of Music at the Kennedy Center with a very fancy brunch beforehand.

The show is amazing. I mean we all love it, but this production was so Good it was almost like seeing it for the first time. The lead was absolutely Maria without trying to be Julie Andrews. Everything felt new and fresh and it just brought us pure Joy.

Hockey Guy is a total Hockey Guy, but he does love to get dressed up and have a nice time. He always has a Good sense that often when we are at these types of events, I am at work and there are certain things all of us need to do. He also took to the brunch buffet like it was his job, discovering that berry and yogurt parfaits are really Good. He now has a new snack.

At intermission, we had passes to the fancy lounge. Running Daddy and I had champagne and M&Ms, Hockey Guy had M&Ms and goldfish.

After the show, we went on the terrace and Marine Two literally flew right by. Based on the route Marine Two was taking we think it coming from the Vice President's house.

I had the two Best dates in town that day!

Since this is the last post for June, here are all of my other June posts in case you missed them.


Have the Best weekend and the Best 4th of July.


  1. Hi! Found your blog through Friday Favorites and was happy to see you are a Red Sox fan. We watched the retirement too- so sad that Big Papi will not be playing anymore but he will always be part of the Red Sox! Look forward to reading more! Holly @ Pink Lady (

    1. Hi Holly,

      I actually read your blog as well and I have participated in a few of the Ladies Who Link. Here's to Big Papi and Happy 4th!


  2. How great that you got to see the sound of music!! So fun!

    1. Hi Kay,

      It was such a special day. I highly recommend that you go see Sound of Music if it heads to your hometown.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and read Good Better Best Food.

      Happy 4th!


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