Show and Tell Tuesday: Home (Renovation)Tour

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I have decided to link up again with Andrea from MomFessionals who hosts a link up where we show and tell you something. This week the topic is our home tour.

So our home a challenge because since mid-January we have been undergoing a major renovation with I would guess probably 60% of our house, if not more, getting an extreme home makeover. Seriously, while we are not putting on an addition, we went down to the studs in several rooms and moved walls in others. The contractors are putting the finishing touches on the basement this week and then they will be finished with the inside. We are also covering our and re-doing back patio and that project should start soon.

 So  here is the deal, while others in this link up will have lots of pretty photos of their houses, I will not be doing that as I do my Best to hide my crazy. Literally, everything is everywhere at the moment and seriously, you don't want to see what our home office, laundry room or garage looks like at the moment. It is not Good

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I am blogging the entire process, which has been fun and a Good way to stay sane during this journey. Today, I will be sharing the links and a few before and after photos fro the posts I did earlier on the renovation introduction, breakfast bar and bathroom.

Renovation Introduction

Unfortunately these guys were not available this winter to work on my house, something about having five shows to film or something like that. We do know a Good contractor so we hired him to do his magic as he truly has an artistic gift with home renovations. Along the way he told us a lot about the history of our house and our neighborhood and you can read about that in this post.

Breakfast Bar



Where this breakfast bar is currently, there was a solid wall. It was a wall that you really couldn't do anything with on either side. This wall was just a total dead space which is a common theme in our house pre-renovation. Opening up this wall and putting in a breakfast bar has been a much Better use of this space and makes our kitchen seem bigger. For all of the details on the breakfast bar makeover, check out the breakfast bar post here




We took our semi-outdated bathroom down to the studs starting in the first of the year. Everything came out including a closet that was basically a black hole for me to lose beauty samples in. All of the bathroom projects were totally worth it in the end and I feel like this was one of the Best things we did in the renovation. To read the full details on the bathroom renovation, spend some time with part three of the renovation.

Basement Preview

We are thiiiiis close to having the basement renovation finished. I think they will be truly finished this week and it is really the Best part of the house. I am not ready to share all of the details yet, I would like to get everything back in place and make some design decisions first. It is truly the biggest transformation in the process. Once again we went down to the studs and even moved walls.

Here's a little preview of the space.  Stay tuned for the post on this part of the renovation later this summer.



So while I am not able to show you our entire house in this edition of Show & Tell, I am happy to share the details of our renovation. 

Join me back here tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!


  1. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Hi Kristi,

    Thanks for writing in and reading Good Better Best. I can't wait to get everything in place and share the basement renovation with everyone!

    Happy 4th of July!

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