Good Better Best Home Renovation Part 3:Bathroom Disco Mirrors and The Avalanche

Today as the third installment in my home renovation series, I am sharing our Good Better Best bathroom renovation. 

When we moved into our house, I was seven and a half months pregnant and frankly the bathrooms were fine. The one that is actually in our basement was the nicer of the two but the one upstairs was in fine condition and had probably been updated a few years before that. The walls were white and there was an interesting wallpaper board that had a raised velvet texture that was not exactly my taste. The flooring was really never Good as the tile had many groves in it, which is perfect for allowing the dirt to settle and very hard to clean. There would some changes that should be made, but for the time being, things were Good.

About ten years ago, we decided to have some rooms painted and I had the bathroom painted at that time. I chose a dark red because I believe that every house should a red room...even though there is currently not a red room in our house at this time. I chose Martha Stewart Barn Red, which I am not sure even exists anymore but it was a Good maroon color. Fast forward a couple of years, and things are starting to get really tired in there and the floor is really bad by now.


By 2016, the things that needed to go were the jacuzzi tub which collects mildew, the flooring and we needed a vanity with more storage space. Pedestal sinks were very popular around the time that this bathroom was last renovated, so I understand why they put one in, but we just needed more storage. My least favorite item...the very disco medicine cabinet. While it held a lot, it was super outdated and didn't really balance things out in the room.

For the update, I wanted to go very classic. In the original plan, I actually had more design features such as wainscoting and tile accent that went around the entire room, but when we got close to choosing these details I pulled back. I really wanted something that if we wanted to change the paint colors, shower curtain etc. in a few years, we were not taking everything out because we were sick of it. We chose a slate grey floor, white fixtures, white subway tile with a honeycomb carrara marble accent line and additional carrara accents. It is amazing how many times you can say carrara marble in a weekend when you are working on these types of projects.

Flooring and bathroom in process

Bathroom Tile and Shower

We used a plumbing supply company for most of the fixtures. We worked with a woman named Margaret and that lady knew her plumbing. One of the funniest moments in our entire renovation, to me at least, is that the model toilet that we bought is called The Avalanche. That is the Best name for a toilet...and much Better than it's sister product which is named....The Viper. Eek! The only fixture for the bathroom that we didn't buy from the plumbing supply company was the vanity cabinet and marble sink top, which was purchased at Lowe's.

Sink After--No Disco Mirror!

There are so many things I love about this bathroom project, but I think the thing that is the Best is that we took out the bathroom closet and put in shelving and a lower cabinet. The closet was a total black hole and just was a spot for things to collect. I am not going to lie, it took me three hours to clean, weed out and organize the items that were in that closet right before the renovation started. I should not have an open pore or line on my face considering how many beauty samples were in there. The finished product is a much Better use of space and design.

Bathroom Closet Before

Bathroom Shelving After

Bathroom Shelving w Baskets

For the walls we wanted something very spa-like so we decided to go with a very soft blue and white theme. We chose Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air as our paint color and used the Bath and Spa formula as it repels moisture and dries quickly. I love plantation shutters and they were the perfect choice for the window. The shower curtain is Cynthia Rowley and adds a fun pattern to the room.

Bathroom After

This new bathroom is a Better use of space and we are just loving the results. While it was often inconvenient to have the bathroom under renovation, especially at about 3:30 a.m., it was totally worth it in the end.

Want to read more about the Good Better Best Home Renovation? You can read Part One Here and Part Two Here. We still have major projects happening in the house and I cannot wait to share it with you.


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