Hey...Do You Have Five Minutes? Lent 2017

I am the kind of person who if someone asks me "Do you have five minutes", I will pretty much tell them yes, even if I really don't. Well, I have a confession to make, I apparently don't have five minutes for the Lord lately and that is not Good.  

One of my New Year's resolutions was to start my day with a great app I found late last year called First 5, where they send you some Bible quotes, explain them and then give you ideas on how to apply these to your daily life.  You are supposed to be able to read this all in five minutes. You set a recurring alarm and it will wake you up to soothing music and remind you that it's time spend some time with Jesus.  Sounds like a Good way to start the day right?  Should be an easy thing to do. I mean who doesn't have five minutes? Apparently me, apparently I have Better things to do than take five minutes to learn more about Jesus and what focusing on His life can do for mine.

So why haven't I been Better about my First 5?  Well, you know, I am busy.  Oh and I am really tired when I wake up. Hey there is all that stuff on TMZ to read and you know all those recaps of Housewives and The Bachelor.  I had to look up on Wikipedia to see if that actor that I haven't thought of in about a decade is still alive. Um yeah, all of those things are really doing a lot to make me a Better person. Sigh.

Here is the Best part, Jesus is always there, waiting for me when I am ready and He even loves me when I am reading TMZ.  He doesn't expect me to be perfect, He just wants the Best for me...all the time.  He doesn't really want anything from me, just for me to try to be Better. There are not too many people you can say that about.  

As Lent is about setting a clean slate for yourself, today I reset my First 5 to go off at 5:20 a.m.  I let our dog out, poured a coffee and read my First 5.  It was quiet in the house because Running Daddy is on a trip.  Just coffee, our sweet dog cuddling with his sleeping boy until it is time for breakfast, Jesus and me.  

I had five minutes to focus on the Lord.  Five minutes to understand His teachings and how I can use His love to handle my life Better.  Five minutes to give thanks to Him for all He does for me and for those I pray.  The Best part is, spending those five minutes with the Lord, will do me a lot of Good.

So this is what I am doing for Lent.  I am not giving anything up, not chocolate, not wine, not the occasional cuss word.  I am taking the steps to have a Better relationship with Jesus.  Will I fail some days...probably, but guess what, the Lord will love me anyway and that is the Best part.  

What is your plan for Lent?

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